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I’ve Data File 02: MELL


Going back to the beginning with the data file here, MELL has been with I’ve since the start of it all. (Post originally written May 31, 2007, rewritten February 4, 2008)


Amongst the current I’ve Special Unit roster, MELL holds the distinction of being the only member who has truly been with the group since the very beginning. In fact, according to common speculation she was doing songs with Kazuya Takase even before that – the 1998 BLUE GALE eroge “My Dear Are Naga Oji-san” (My Dear アレながおじさん, link NWS) featured opening and ending themes by one “Orihime”, and while it’s never been officially confirmed, Orihime seems far too much of a MELL soundalike to be anyone but her.

Her debut as MELL came in 1999, when she sang 美しく生きたい (Utsukushiku Ikitai), ending theme for eroge Hakidame -trASH- (吐溜 -trASH-). Hakidame was also the first eroge that I’ve officially worked on (although as mentioned before, Takase and co. had been doing BGM and theme songs for eroge long before it), giving MELL the undisputable title of the original I’ve girl.

However, unlike KOTOKO’s relatively quick rise to prominence, it would be a long time before MELL got a solo release of her own. Her ‘big break’, as it were, came in 2006 with her Engrish-laden opening theme for action anime Black Lagoon, the excellent “Red fraction”. It was largely due to Red fraction’s popularity that whe was able to make her North American concert debut at A-KON in Texas on June 1, 2007 – following in KOTOKO’s footsteps to become the second I’ve girl to hold a concert outside of Asia.



  1. How old is MELL?

  2. To tell the truth I have no idea.

    This song is AMAZING!

  4. i saw someone mentioned MELL being 37 on niconico, but i dont know for sure. she sure doesnt look any younger than 30

  5. Hey does anyone know if you can order one of MELL’s first live tour T-shirts or are they just advertised for the tour that she for Scope?

  6. Hi Suzaku! About the T-shirts I don’t know any site, but by you can buy the DVD with the tour of Scope and differents CDs of MELL, although it’s a little expensive xDD U.U’

    And one question, anyone knows if have been already released Bizarrerie Cage, and where can I found it?? I’ve heard the short version and I love it! :PP

    Kisses from Spain ;-))

  7. ^ Bizarrerie Cage long version has already been released almost a week ago. You can here the long version on my blog if you want. :D Just click on my name.

  8. * oops, I meant “hear”. Sorry for the typo error. *was kinda sleepy*

  9. Hey I was wondering if anyone has found like a torrent for MELL live tour DVD because I am a region 1 person so I can’t really buy the DVD and watch it, I would if I could though, or has anyone seen it on youtube or any other website?

    On another note is she making another maxi that is supposed to be released soon like in a few weeks or months or was the Kawada Mami?

  10. Does anyone know where I can get her single songs like Mermaid in the City and such?

  11. @Suzaku> Well you didn’t emailed me to upload them for you. :O You could’ve just email or drop on me blog to request. :O

  12. Hi!

    Well, been watching MELL’s dvd more than ten times so far and, to tell you the truth, this live concert is absolutely awesome because she did an incredible performace.

    Nobody should miss this experience because everything is brilliat, I’m very concern that my opinion is less that impartial but, believe me, MELL did great this time. I hope all you have the chance to see it.

    Here are some snapshots where you can take a look to some parts of the show.

    Under Superstition, KILL, no vain, on my own, SCOPE, Virgin’s High! are my favorite songs of this live.

    And at the end part when she’s saying goodbye all the crowd start singing the song Utsushitsuki Ikitai and she start crying because the emotion that is so touching (I was also crying Y_Y…).

    Well, that’s it… very brief, sorry but you can’t describe this with words.


  13. @Pedropinilla: Do you plan on uploading the concert to youtube or like a torrent or something because I would totally like to get a copy of that from you if possible.

  14. Does anyone know if MELL is christian or something because I own the live version and such, though I regret that I have little to nothing in understanding Japanese, but it sounded to me as if she was and that she wrote songs like SCOPE and such because she was inspired by God to write them. I don’t know, but could some please tell me thanks.

    • Short answer: Probably not.
      Long answer: My uneducated guess (I still haven’t seen the show) is that she’s not, and if she is, she’s not a very strong one. If she mentioned “kami-sama,” then that could be a simple catch-all for any number of gods from Shinto to Western religions. At a cultural level, the Japanese pay respect to numerous Shinto and Buddhist gods and spirits and devotion varies greatly, so acknowledging spiritual inspiration then, wouldn’t be completely strange.
      MELL wouldn’t be the first I’ve member to do this, either. Eiko is very spiritual, and teamed up with noted spiritualist Wakatsuki Yukiro on “Sora no Mahoroba” from her album “O.”

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