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I’ve Sound Calendar: June 2007

Interesting month for I’ve stuff we’ve got here… A major ‘what the…?’ with a manga ‘image song’ (huh?), MELL’s American debut, the long-awaited SHORT CIRCUIT 2 and, strangely enough, a theme song for a BL game. Seriously.

June 1:

MELL live @ Project A-Kon 18 – Dallas, Texas

Exactly what it sounds like. MELL (with opening act ketchup mania), playing a concert at an anime con. In Dallas. If nobody posts camcorder vids of this on YouTube, the internet has officially failed me.

June 20:

Ikoku Meiro no Kurowāze image song ‘La clef ~Meikyuu no Kagi~’ release with Dragon Age Pure vol. 5

Apparently the latest volume of Dragon Age Pure magazine over in Japan comes with a CD or something with an I’ve-produced ‘image song’ for the manga series Ikoku Meiro no Kurowāze. Arrangement and composition on this one is being handled by Maiko Iuchi, with KOTOKO writing the lyrics and singing. Not entirely sure if the song actually comes with the magazine though, because CD singles in Japan are bloody expensive and the magazine in question has a list price of ¥580. For reference, KOTOKO’s latest single costs ¥1,260. But if it does indeed come with a CD with the song on it, it would seem Dragon Age Pure volume 5 is going to be a must-have.

June 22:


OH HELLZ YEAH! The follow-up to 2003’s largely KOTOKO-centric compilation album SHORT CIRCUIT, SC2 is going to kick all sorts of ass. Compiling 11 of KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki’s eroge themes as well as 3 new bonus tracks and an additional remix (vocal credits as yet unknown), it would seem that if you were to get excited about just one I’ve release this year, this would surely be the one to go for.

June 29:

‘Kichiku Megane’ BL eroge release

Well, this is an interesting one. I’ve Sound newcomer Ai is singing a C.G. mix-penned theme song for the game Kichiku Megane from Boy’s Love (also known as ‘yaoi’)-only eroge maker Spray. You can listen to the song (which is titled ‘under the darkness’) on the game’s official website, but the video it’s attached to isn’t quite work-safe. Not recommended for anyone homophobic in the slightest, but for what it is it’s really rather tasteful. Song isn’t bad either.



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