Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/06/07

New Hayate no Gotoku end theme to be sung by Mami Kawada

I’ve Sound-heavy anime Hayate no Gotoku’s second ending theme will be called “Get my way!” and will be performed by Mami Kawada. Other credits or an air date for the first episode with the new theme have yet to be announced, but the single is set to be released on the 8th of August.

EDIT: CDJapan has a pre-order page for the single up already, and the only information beyond pricing and the like is that the new song apparently has a “summery up-tempo sound”. Credit for the CDJapan link goes to hikaruhoshi over at the I’ve Sound Livejournal community.



  1. Hey it’s me again… xD I’ve already heard the song but it’s not really one of Mami Kawada’s best songs… But i’ll be looking forward to it’s B-side song… I hope it should be more like Mami… since Mami Kawada is my favorite I’ve member… xD

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