Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/08/07

Ero Smash! theme details

Revealed in volume 1 of “Anisong Magazine” (released today in Japan, priced at ¥1000) were the details for I’ve’s latest theme, “Jet Smash!” from the similarly-titled BLUE GALE eroge Ero Smash! (link NSFW, obviously). The theme’s written by KOTOKO, composed and arranged by C.G. mix and sung by Kaori Utatsuki. Quite the impressive credits, and the game itself is due out this July 7th.



  1. […] website has a download link for theme song ”Jet Smash!” (previously scooped here),a short version at least… Initial impressions are that the song is adorable, that Kaori […]

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