Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/11/07

SHORT CIRCUIT II preview up on I’ve website has previews of five of the tracks from upcoming compilation SHORT CIRCUIT II up, which you can access by clicking the first link on the main page (the button with ‘ショーットサーキットIIについて’ on it) and clicking the big button next to the CD information on the page after that. The tracks with previews are as follows:

track 1 – Nee… Shiyou yo! (ねぇ、…しようよっ!)

(vocals & lyrics: KOTOKO, arrangement & composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa)

track 3 – Princess Bride!

(vocals & composition: KOTOKO, lyrics: Akuta Utsuro, arrangement: SORMA)

track 10 – Anata dake no Angel☆ (アナタだけのAngel☆)

(vocals & lyrics: Kaori Utatsuki, arrangement & composition: C.G. mix)

track 14 – Double HarmoniZe Shock!!

(credits unknown, sounds like both of the girls are on it though)

DVD track – ↑Seishun Rocket↑ -SHORT CIRCUIT 2 Edit- (↑青春ロケット↑ -SHORT CIRCUIT 2 Edit-)

(same as Double HarmoniZe, but if it helps at all the original version was written and sung by KOTOKO with composition and arrangement handled by Maiko Iuchi)

Of the songs previewed, only Double HarmoniZe and the remix of Seishun Rocket are actually new, per se, but it’s still nice to have the preview page up.

Update: there’s also a video preview I hadn’t noticed before that can be accessed at the bottom of the page with all the samples. It’s just a short clip of KOTOKO and Kaori talking about the new album, with Kaori not doing much aside from making peace signs a lot and occasionally giggling. I’ve promo material tends to be garbage, and unfortunately this is no exception…


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