Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/22/07

SHORT CIRCUIT II CD release today

Well, it’s out – SHORT CIRCUIT II, some 4 years after the original. I’ve yet to obtain a copy for myself, naturally (it just came out on the other side of the ocean, after all), but there’s something nostalgic about even looking at the tracklist…

See, while I can in no way claim to have been an I’ve fan since the beginning (I’d have to have been pretty damn hardcore to have known about this group back in ’98), the songs on SHORT CIRCUIT II were in many ways my first real exposure to I’ve. See, the first song to get me really hooked on KOTOKO was Re-sublimity, her excellent OP theme for otherwise mediocre anime Kannazuki no Miko. Before that, I’d never understood the desire to actually look for a particular anime song – whenever I watched anime previously it was natural for me to just fast-forward past the opening theme and stop playback before the ending even got started, but with Kannazuki no Miko something was different. I actually wanted to hear Re-sublimity. That piano loop, those vocals – when I found myself frantically searching to find out how I could get an mp3 of this track, for the first time I knew what it was that people had seen in anime music. But just Re-sublimity wasn’t enough. Shortly after that I found and downloaded the biggest music torrent I’d seen at the time, the 1.18 gigabyte “I’ve Sound Collection KOTOKO” archive, and until a friend of mine was kind enough to hook me up with all 6 volumes of the I’ve Girls Compilation series a year or so later that was all the I’ve I had. Princess Bride!, Otome Kokoro+√Nekomimi=∞ (my first exposure to Eiko Shimamiya), Kyururun Kiss de Jumbo, Princess Brave!… even though at the time I barely even knew what I’ve Sound was, it was from that group of songs more than anything else that I knew a lot of I’ve Sound would be in my future. And when I saw the tracklisting for SHORT CIRCUIT II about a month or so ago on I’ve Sound Explorer, I couldn’t believe it – those songs I had fallen so thoroughly in love with, all on the same CD! I could barely believe it – and now, well, now it’s out. And it’s amazing, how much of an attachment one can grow to a group of songs, where even reading their names brings a smile to your face…

But I’ve lost my train of thought. SHORT CIRCUIT II is out today, and that’s awesome.



    「Double HarmoniZe Shock!!」 lyrics, I might do more from the album too =)

  2. Oh, awesome. Consider yourself added to my blogroll!

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