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I’ve Sound Calendar: July 2007

Well, apparently I screwed up last month. Spray’s Kichiku Megane actually isn’t due out until July 20th, so in the ridiculously unlikely case that someone read this blog, saw an offhand mention of a BL game release and immediately proceeded to mark the date on their calendars, only to cry out in agony as the figure of June 29th turned out to not be the game’s release date after all… Well, I would apologize but seeing as I know that didn’t happen there isn’t really any reason to now is there.

But enough of that, let’s get on with the dates.

July 8:

~Namara Buruge NIGHT~ BLUE GALE 10th Anniversary party

KOTOKO, Kaori Utatsuki and a club full of otaku celebrating 10 years of BLUE GALE eroge. Sounds like a good time.

July 20:

Kichiku Megane actually comes out

There isn’t much to say about this one since I already scooped it before and all, but Spray has a new game coming out and it’s called Kichiku Megane. In kanji that’s 鬼畜眼鏡, and on the off-chance that anyone cares in the slightest the name basically translates into ‘brutal glasses’. I didn’t bother trying to translate the game’s story page, but far as I can tell it’s about a magical pair of glasses that turn the wearer evil. And a lot of hot, sweaty, dubiously-consensual man-sex. Write it down on your calendars, folks!

July 21:


Spastic capitalization from Three Nine preserved for maximum hilarity. KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki will be playing STUDIO COAST in Tokyo (that’s right, IN TOKYO), tickets for which are available on Three Nine’s website. Linked again here because I like being redundant.

July 27:

Ero Smash! release

You’ve heard the theme song, now play the game! Or not. Either way, it’s coming out on the 27th.

Little Busters! release

A new game from Key is always something to look forward to, and while I fully admit to not having even the slightest clue as to what Little Busters is about that doesn’t stop me from thinking it’s going to be awesome. Now if only there were a chance of it getting translated…

Edit – The release of KOTOKO’s Yokohama live DVD has been moved back over a full month to August 28th. Item removed from calendar to reflect this.



  1. […] I’ve exclusives for Comiket 73 announced, and a new PS2 game to feature KOTOKO song Visual Art’s, the company responsible for publishing all of the I’ve Girls Compilation albums and Comiket exclusives in the past, recently announced that for Comiket 73 this December 29th they will be releasing “I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol. 1″, the beginning of a new proposed compilation series that may or may not all be live recordings (the cover shows a ticket stub, but all the description mentions is that these tracks are ‘rare’), as well as a DVD of the SHORT CIRCUIT II Premium Show IN TOKYO I had mentioned so many posts ago. […]

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