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Virgin’s high short version up, song frankly terrible

Well, now we can truthfully say we’ve heard Virgin’s high. Posted over at the Sky Girls TV official site, the opening video is pretty much exactly what anyone with the slightest knowledge of anime openers could have predicted it to be like – the song, however, is a bit different. Mostly on account of the fact that it’s awful. Well, ok, maybe awful is a bit strong. Unpleasant, maybe. Disappointing, even. But any way you say it, it sure ain’t Red fraction.

On a related note, the Sky Girls OVA was horrid as well – it’s a saving grace in a way that the OP sucks, because now I have no reason at all to watch what was practically guaranteed from the start to be a waste of time.



  1. It does seem out of place, but we expected that, right? I like how it doesn’t sound too much like Generic Anime Opening (“hayate no gotoku”) but other than that, meh. I’m looking forward to the coupling song to the single.

  2. Yeah, it’s very different from Red fraction but nonetheless, I still like it. In the brighter side, it’s good to see that Uetsu Miu (aka Maiko Iuchi) is trying a different tune for MELL. But yeah, Red fraction is way more cool. Will the Virgin’s high get the PV or will it be the B-side song? (If my intuition is correct, Virgin’s high will get the PV)

  3. In response to Hikaruhoshi:
    I think I’d be happier about how the song isn’t another generic anime opener if it didn’t sound so much like Egen – a song that, quite frankly, I never cared much for the first time around.

    In response to Fred:
    As of yet I haven’t really figured out any sort of logic to how I’ve selects songs for music videos (they have been known to only shoot videos for singles’ B-sides for some completely unknown reason), your guess is as good as mine.

  4. Hmm I’m getting into the bottom of this! XD yaarr I still like MELL even if Virgin’s high is not comparable to the great Red fraction. Yeah, I just notice that they use the B-sides for the PVs but in my point of view, they always go for the livelier/upbeat songs to have the PV. I just noticed this, take a look if you have time:

    For Mami Kawada’s “Akai Namida/Beehive”, Beehive got the PV (even if the featured song is really Akai Namida).

    For MELL’s “Proof/no vain”, no vain got the PV (since Proof is a ballad and no vain is yet another techno-trance)

    For Kaori Utatsuki’s “Shining stars bless” single, the Shining stars bless will get the PV instead of “I’m home -unplugged mix-” since I am expecting this will be a ballad song.

    For KOTOKO’s “Hayate no Gotoku!” single, they chose Hayate no Gotoku to have the PV because Naki Takattanda is another ballad.

    *end of analyzation*

    I just noticed that in every I’ve Girls single, one is an upbeat song while the other is a ballad. But it’s not always the case. It’s just an analyzation of moi. =)

  5. oh here’s another thing that I realized, you just said that you don’t like Virgin’s high that much because it sounds like her “Egen” song, right?

    But you know, it’s a bit on the right track IMO. Why? Because the “Egen” song was used as an OST for a game called Sonic Princess: Dive or in short, “Sonic Dive”. Then what do you call those group of girls in the Sky Girls? “Sonic Divers” right?

    connection ~> “Sonic Dive” “Sonic Divers”

    makes a bit sense.

  6. In response to Fred:
    Interesting theory about the videos being made for the more upbeat songs, but it fails to take into account the singles that just don’t get videos period. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION and Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu’s singles all went without videos despite having some of I’ve’s best on both sides – so who’s to say Virgin’s high won’t go without as well?

    As for the Egen connection, you may be reaching a bit there but it’s an interesting theory nevertheless.

  7. On the subject of PVs:
    The majority of singles and albums released by Geneon of I’ve members have had a PV of the title song. Apart from the ones that didn’t have a PV, only “UZU-MAKI” (tsukiyou no butoukai), “O” (higurashi no naku goro ni), “Endless Loop” (Automaton), “Akai Namida” (Beehive), and “Proof” (No Vain) had a different PV. I think in most of these cases, the title track didn’t necessarily reflect the primary style of the artist, or in the case of O, higurashi should have had a PV to begin with.
    That said, I didn’t think Virgin’s High should be the PV for the single, but with the full TV version it seems just MELL-ish enough to work. It’s not her best, and it won’t be well remembered, either.

  8. You know, as much as I dislike the song I actually would like to see a video made for Virgin’s high – just to see what they’d do with it, y’know? For all I know a video without those lolitastic Sky Girls could be just what the song needed. Not likely, but there is still entertainment potential with this one. Somewhere.

  9. well I agree with hikaruhoshi, it’s not one of MELL’s great work but I’m going to look forward for it’s B-side song. Maybe it’s better than Virgin’s high.

    But as aibublog said, I would also like to see a PV of Virgin’s high! Without those Sky Girls… I’m wondering who will be the Sky Girls in the PV if ever? Since the “Sky Girls” word has been mentioned a few times. Or will it be like Red fraction that it’s OV has got nothing to do with Black Lagoon anime? I’m getting a bit excited about this… xD

  10. In response to Fred:
    I really wouldn’t count on a Virgin’s high video having anything to do with the anime – I mean, in the history of I’ve videos for anime OP themes, have they ever once held more than the most tenuous connection to the anime the song came from? The closest they really got was Red fraction (ironically the one you mentioned for ‘having nothing to do’ with the anime), and even then the connection was mostly on account of the fact that the entire thing was drenched in the colours black and red.

  11. When have PVs EVER had any connection to the anime they’re from? As far as I’ve goes, the closest by far is the PV for higurashi, with Re-Sublimity in a distant second.

  12. i dont know what the person who started this page is talking about cause i think its a great opener for the skygirls and i accualy love the song and cant wait to get the full version

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