Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/13/07

News I was too lazy to report during the week (Weekend news update: 07/13/07)

Alright, a few quickies here that I didn’t mention for whatever reason – all pretty much too insignificant to warrant their own posts, but just fine as part of a safe happy micro-newspost. Or at least I thought so.

Weird Melonbooks promo featuring reissued Eiko Shimamiya single

Japanese web retailer ‘Melonbooks‘ (link not worksafe) is offering a reissued version of Eiko Shimamiya’s “Atashi wa Melon” single (‘あたしはめろん’, originally released as a promo for Melonbooks back in 2003) as a promo – if you spend enough money to get 20 ‘Melon points’ (no idea how much you’d have to buy to get that) you can get the single along with your order. I’ve actually never heard the song myself (you surely can’t expect me to have heard everything Eiko’s done, right?), but I’d assume that it’s about as stupid as a song recorded as a promotion for an online store that specializes in cartoon smut would be expected to be.

Something on about Naraku no Hana has a new Naraku no Hana video up, apparently – but since my comptuer hates I can’t watch it and thus I have no idea whatsoever what the video really is. Is it the TV version opening? A full version with added animation? A full version video? Is the picture on the video page the single cover? I have no idea. Just none at all.

Credits and B-side revealed for Get my way! single

Alright, so that ‘summery, up-tempo’ Mami Kawada song scooped a month ago has more details available – we now know that the music and lyrics were written by Kazuya Takase and arranged by Takeshi Ozaki, and that the B-side is a new track called ‘Aozora to Taiyou’ (‘青空と太陽’), same credits as the A-side. Also, for anyone who wants to hear the song but isn’t terribly interested in the anime it’s attached to, I found out quite recently that some kind soul uploaded the ending video on Youtube. The song isn’t bad at all, but the double bass (or at least double bass-sounding) drumming on it is a bit distracting – I mean, I know it’s stupid to limit that style of playing to metal only, but it is more than a little weird hearing drums that wouldn’t be out of place in a DragonForce song on a Mami Kawada track.



  1. mh actually it is not a video, it is just a small preview of the song. This site promotes the OP single for the series.

  2. i meant Naraku no hana hehe

  3. Thanks, AG. For whatever reason, files from never bloody open on my computer – no idea why, it’s just how it is.

  4. Didn’t notice the youtube video up, good catch!

    Atashi wa melon sounds about as stupid as you think it is, and then some.

    I like the Mami song, I’m sure someone else can suggest some bands that sounds like… somehow I don’t think Takeshi is going to go on a four-minute guitar solo in the full version, as awesome as that would be. It’s definitely a lot more upbeat than I’m used to hearing from her.

  5. Unfortunately Kazuya isn’t really the four-minute-guitar-solo type, at least not when it comes to his work with the I’ve girls (for all I know he spends all his spare time making the most epic guitar solos the world will never know) – but if Get my way! did go that way, that would be so far beyond awesome I’d need to make a new term for it. Or, umm, not.

  6. you’re welcome and about get my way! i think it sounds awesome i love when kazuya puts his punk roots in I’ve music though it is kinda weird to hear double bass (or what seems to be) with mami’s voice.

  7. I’m liking the get my way song bit by bit but I was a bit distracted by the double bass too. And this is the first time that I saw Mami Kawada playing a musical instrument particularly the electric guitar. KEWL i must say… XD

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