Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/19/07

Barely-relevant Kichiku Megane news

Remember the Kichiku Megane OP, ‘under the darkness’? C.G mix production, vocalist incorrectly credited by me as ‘Ai’ despite obviously being C.G mix? Want to get it on CD? Well, now you can!

In 3 months.

Revealed today on the Kichiku Megane website, we now know that the game’s official soundtrack will be released on October 18th of this year. Only one of the tracks is I’ve-produced (the aforementioned opening theme), but unless C.G mix comes out with a new album anytime soon this soundtrack’s pretty much guaranteed to be the only place you can get the song on CD. And, seeing as his Gakuen Heaven opener ‘Welcome to HEAVEN!’ had been sat on for 3 years before appearing on his debut album, I really wouldn’t count on C.G mix’s next one coming that much sooner.

Also, as for the misunderstanding regarding vocalist credit, I had mistakenly written down ‘Ai’ as the vocalist when correctly it should’ve been A.I., and credited as the lyricist for the song rather than vocalist. I’ll go delete that embarrassing mistake of a vocalist category now.



  1. Take another listen to track 20 “Sorrow” on this OST album and then see if, now that you’re familiar with the latest KOTOKO single, it sounds familiar.

  2. ‘sorrow’ does sound familiar, but that’s because it’s a music-box version of the Kichiku Megane opening theme ‘under the darkness’. Not really connected to Shichitenhakki in any way apart from a slight resemblance between the songs that comes naturally from sharing the same composer.

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