Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/26/07

Cover art revealed for Get my way! and Naraku no Hana

Wow, this was a pleasant surprise when I went to check Firstron today – Cover art images for two upcoming I’ve singles were posted, both markedly different from the artists’ previous covers but in a good way. Get my way! has a sort of faux-grungey look to it very much in tune with the song’s music video, and while it’s one of her better cover images (it’s nowhere near as unflattering as the photo for Akai Namida, for instance), the real surprise had to be the Van Gogh-inspired cover art for Naraku no Hana. (Link NSFW due to banner ads, image direct-linked here.) Considering how weirdly tacky the packaging for her Higurashi no Naku Koro ni single was, it’s amazing to see her follow-up given art that’s not only good by I’ve standards, but by album-art standards in general. Call me a sucker for anything that references Vincent Van Gogh, but I am in love with Naraku no Hana’s cover. And you can quote me on that.



  1. hey don’t be! =) I also like the Naraku no Hana cover!! It’s absolutely fantastic although I don’t have much taste for artistic paintings but it’s good IMO. ^__^ And it really pointed out that the red flower was the Flower of Hades. And you’re right, the Higurashi cover was way more weirder than this. =)

    I just noticed another thing… Eiko always wants her single/album cover to be artistic and without her face showing. I’m not saying all but it happens most of the time, don’t you think? (for example, the “O” album)

    I like the Get my way cover with Kawada on the subway. And her outfit was kinda different! And unique at the same time because she’s like portraying a different Mami Kawada there since in the Radiance, Hishoku no Sora and Akai Namida cover, it’s natural for to wear those outfits… well I don’t know, that’s just what I think… xD

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