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I’ve Data File 05: Kaori Utatsuki

 Kaori Utatsuki

Kaori Utatsuki (詩月カオリ), the fifth and final member of Love Planet Five, is the most recent addition to the I’ve ranks. And with her debut single coming out in just three days, what better time to have a data file devoted to her?


The last of Eiko Shimamiya’s students to go over to I’ve Sound, Kaori (or, as her Japanese fans like to call her, ‘Kaorin’) had a start not at all unlike that of fellow member KOTOKO. Just like how KOTOKO’s earliest releases were collaborations with AKI, Kaori’s vocal debut came on a KOTOKO song. Singing on the chorus of Achichi na Natsu no Monogatari (あちちな夏の物語り), opening theme for the eroge Ripple ~Blue Seal he Youkoso~ (~ブルーシールへようこそっ~), it would be another three months before Kaori’s true solo debut.

Contributing the song ‘Senecio’ to Stokesia (the companion ‘vocal album’ to anime series Please Teacher) in July 2002, Kaori gained the unique distinction of being the only I’ve Special Unit member whose solo debut was in no way related to an eroge.

After Senecio, Kaori went on to mostly appear on compilations – particularly with KOTOKO. SHORT CIRCUIT in 2003 is perhaps the most notable of their album-length collaborations, which was followed up this year by the release of SHORT CIRCUIT II.

2007 also marks an important date for Kaori, with the single for her song Shining stars bless☆ (from Nanatsu-iro Drops – ななついろ★ドロップス), her first maxi-single release solo or otherwise, coming out August 1.


Albums (with KOTOKO):




Shining stars bless☆ – 2007


I’ve PV Collection vol.3 – 2003 (with I’ve Special Unit)

I’ve in BUDOKAN 2005 ~Open the Birth Gate~ LIVE DVD – 2005

Compilation appearances:

diRTY GiFT – 2002

LAMENT – 2003

OUT FLOW – 2003

Mixed up – 2004

Collective – 2005


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