Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/01/07

I’ve Sound Calendar: August 2007

Wow, this month is hot. Three single releases and KOTOKO’s latest live DVD, nothing about Kichiku Megane for once and… Well, there isn’t actually an ‘and’ there. Enjoy!

August 1:

Shining stars bless☆ single release

Kaori Utatsuki’s debut single is out today! Buy 10 copies and give 8 of them away to your friends! Or not, either way it’s out now. And a rip of the music video that comes with the limited-edition version of the single can be found here, thanks in no small part to the wonders of YouTube’s lax copyright enforcement.

August 8:

Get my way! single release

GET MY WAYYYYYYY! This song is awesome, seriously now. Based on the short version alone I’d probably say it’s my favourite Mami Kawada track, and saying I’m looking forward to the full version is a severe understatement – it’s more like I’m looking super-forward. If that even makes sense. Which it doesn’t. Yeah, Get my way! is awesome. Short version clip here, once again thanks to YouTube.

August 22:

Naraku no Hana single release

This is actually sort of a dual update, because in addition to the release date I’d also like to note that we now know the name and credits for the B-side. Naraku no Hana will be accompanied by the new song FLOW, which is written and composed by Eiko Shimamiya with arrangement handled by SORMA No.1.

August 29:

Starlight Symphony -KOTOKO LIVE 2006 IN YOKOHAMA ARENA- actually comes out

After being delayed a few times, it seems KOTOKO’s 2006 show from Yokohama is actually coming out on DVD. Good news if you’re willing to spend $50+ on a concert DVD but need a bit more time to raise said funds, lukewarm news for the rest of us who will probably just end up downloading it from mininova… I mean, ‘not watching it’. Of course.


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