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Get my way! single release… yesterday

Well, I’m a day late with this one, but Get my way! is out!

For any of those interested, YouTube user guuchan2003 uploaded the (admittedly somewhat boring) music video for the song here, and as I mentioned in my previous post you can listen to previews of the B-side track at SHINSEIDO or Neowing. In addition, if you’re interested in ordering the single but don’t know where to order it from, CDJapan might just be a good place to start~

Or, if money’s tight (and I know it is for most of us), you could always just look for a torrent or something. But remember, you didn’t hear that from me.

P.S.: Does anyone else find it weird that Mami’s bandmates in the video are all white? Don’t mean to sound racist or anything, but that detail just struck me as somewhat bizarre.



  1. I’m starting to get the feeling that Mami is supposed to be the “American” out of Love Planet Five. The PV for Seed had a very southwestern US flavor, and her music is arguably the least electronic of the five.

  2. hey even though the PV was kinda boring and drum was kinda out of tune, I just saw that the get my way! single reached #18 in its first day in Oricon Charts… I wish that it will continue to rise unlike her Akai Namida single which only reached #20 or #21 in the Oricon.

    I agree with hikaruhoshi which the American taste. And as I can see it, Mami is the I’ve member who can perform much as rock… well that’s just a PoV… because I can’t imagine rocking out my head if I will hear Eiko Shimamiya and Kaori Utatsuki doing rock!? Oh my goodness… I will faint if that will happen seriously.

  3. not a bad try but I think she wanted to be a rock icon for this single of hers. It’s a good try but we will see if this “trial icon” of hers will attract the attention of the other listeners. Well as for me, I like it and it’s good to hear that she’s trying out nw genres for her and not just sticking into trance, techno and ballad. It’s like extending the brand… oh my garsh here I go again with my foolish opinion.

  4. Her cover really promotes the her rocker image. And with this album, I’ve come to like her alot. Got a thing for rockers.

    And you’re right, I can’t imagine Kaori Utatsuki doing rock. Her voice is too gentle.

  5. Kaori Utatsuki doing some more rockish stuff could actually be pretty awesome. Soft voices work with it strangely well – Kahimi Karie works with the style from time to time and the results (in my opinion) are fantastic.

    Also, I wouldn’t really count on Mami going 100% rocker-chick – I mean, the B-side to Get my way! is borderline denpa, and that’s just about as far away from guitar-based rock music as you can get.

  6. I’ll have to disagree. Compare Get My Way! and Princess Brave. One is very denpa and one is not, but musically, the only significant difference is the voice. Most denpa songs have a fast tempo, happy lyrics and melody, which is inarguably true of Get My Way! All that’s left is an unnaturally cute voice, more synthesized melodies and sound effects (they don’t call it “denpa” for nothing) and maybe some random spoken catch phrase. “Sora no mori de” is further from guitar-based rock than “aozora to taiyou” and “sayonara wo commete de adieu” further than that.
    Still, I don’t expect Mami to do anything cuter than “aozora to taiyou” in the future.

  7. Can anyone enlighten me on the meaning of denpa?
    My guess is its electronic. Right?

  8. ‘Denpa’, for the most part, is a genre of hyperactive J-pop. Usually found in eroge but with a good deal of anime crossover recently, the trademarks of the denpa sound are (as noted by Hikaruhoshi) hyperactive vocals, an overabundance of cute sound effects, strange lyrics and a generally bouncy, ultra-happy sound. While denpa is usually entirely electronic in nature, some songs (such as KOTOKO’s “Princess Brave!”) manage to fall squarely into the ‘denpa’ category without even a hint of synthesized backing.

    The most popular denpa groups/artists as far as I know are MOSAIC.WAV, UNDER17 (and vocalist Halko Momoi by proxy) and I’ve’s own KOTOKO (although only about 25% of her work at most could be considered a part of the genre…), and while the name’s meaning has little to do with the style, ‘denpa’ literally translates as ‘radio waves’.

  9. I see…
    So Short Circuit II would fall into the denpa category? Most of the songs are cute and electronic.
    I’ve always classified them as techno, lol…

  10. Yeah, both SHORT CIRCUIT albums are pretty much denpa.

  11. Oh is “Get my way!” considered a denpa too? well maybe Aozora to Taiyou is the denpa. But anyway, I’m not really used to Mami performing in this genre… It didn’t suit her IMO. Another IMO, it would be better if she will perform a dance track as good as Beehive. Maybe denpa will be suited for KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki but not Mami really… I’d rather hear her sing a ballad rather than a denpa.

  12. It was Aozora to Taiyou that I was saying is borderline denpa (it is basically the cutest thing she’s ever done) – Get my way! is more pop-punk than anything else.

    That being said, I can’t quite say I’m with you on that last part – I’d take a Get my way! over an undelete any day.

  13. If Mami sings ballad she’ll get kicked out of I’ve…
    I’m biased.
    I love denpa.

  14. oh? is undelete really that bad? but well anyway, it’s okay… maybe I’m just too used of her performing ballad… *remembering her first songs* And maybe §oL is kinda right, she’ll get kicked out if she keeps on performing ballads since I’ve is on trance, techno or denpa. But I like Beehive better than Aozora to Taiyou… although the single itself didn’t reached higher than the “Get my way!” single.

    oh by the way, is there no news about Mami performing for the theme song for Shakugan no Shana 2nd season? well that’s just an assumption since she’s very attached to the anime IMO.

  15. There hasn’t been any news about the music for the second season of Shana, but really I’d be surprised if Mami didn’t have at least one song in it. My hopes are for another Love Planet Five single to come out of it, personally, but since the last I’ve Special Unit single before Tenjou wo Kakeru came out in 2005 I’m really not holding my breath.

    As for the whole ballad issue, well, it’s not like Mami even writes her own songs (well, the music anyways) – if I’ve didn’t want her to do any more, they wouldn’t kick her out, they’d just stop writing them for her. Which, judging from her last few singles, they pretty much have.

    And undelete isn’t a bad song by any means, it’s just that I’d take a high-energy single like Get my way! over a slow piece like undelete 9 times out of 10. Personal preference, that’s all.

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