Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/20/07

I’m back, no real I’ve news to speak of recently

So yeah, I’ve returned. I’ve Sound news, however, hasn’t. Well, that’s not entirely fair – there is their recent poster campaign and the impending release of Naraku no Hana (only 2 days left!), but barring those two events there just isn’t much going on. Ahh well.



  1. I’m just wondering what are those posters for… anyway, if you want to hear Naraku no Hana long ver, just go here,

    if you want… ^_^

  2. The posters have the release dates for all the summer’s singles from Geneon/I’ve – and a better image of it can be found here:

    And shit, I had no idea Naraku no Hana had leaked already – thanks!

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