Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/23/07

Hiatus part 2, oh and Naraku no Hana came out yesterday

Well, for the second weekend in a row I’ll be away from my computer, and since my previous post with links to alternative information sources is only like two posts down on the page I figured linking any of the sites again would just be redundant.

And also, Naraku no Hana is out! And has been for a day now! Thus far the reaction to the single’s been pretty mixed (from what I’ve heard at least), and when I come back from my sort-of-vacation I’ll make sure to post my own thoughts on it. Maybe even write a full review, even. Either way, see y’all on Monday!



  1. Naraku no Hana is lurvve. IMHO of course…

  2. ^ well I also like Naraku no Hana but like what I said in my blog, FLOW is absolutely different and it’s like a song to children with the “DING-DONG-DANG-DONG” and “TIK-TAK” thingies… but I’m liking it bit by bit…

    oh and I would like to thank you aibublog for visiting my blog and for making a comment from my Naraku no hana single review. Really appreciate it. ^^

  3. No problem, Fred. I like to support the people who support me, and besides it’s cool to hear other people’s thoughts on new I’ve releases and the like.

    As for FLOW, well… It’s J-pop. Just straight-up J-pop. Which is unusual for Eiko, and also a touch disturbing because, if she decides to go more in that direction that would mean essentially abandoning the style which made her so unique in favour of something which sounds like any 500 other artists. That being said, she’s wandered into other genres before and came out just fine (ever heard the track she did with KOTOKO, “Otome Kokoro + Nekomimi = Infinity”?) and, provided it isn’t a warning sign of artistic stagnation on the horizon the song’s kinda cute. And besides, with an A-side like Naraku no Hana does it even matter what the B-side is?

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