Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/29/07

New opening singles for Hayate no Gotoku and Shakugan no Shana II announced, Virgin’s high cover too

Well, I’m back. And there’s been come big news over in I’ve Land as of late, so enough about me!

New Hayate no Gotoku opening to be sung by KOTOKO

This new one’s called “Shichitenbattou☆Shijoushuji!” (七転八倒☆至上主義!), and while we don’t know anything else about it just yet, the initial release date’s been set for October 17th of this year. And while the overall breezy feel of the other opening/ending themes for the series would suggest a pretty lighthearted single (not to mention the star and exclamation mark in the title), the fact that the title roughly translates to “the supreme doctrine of writhing in agony” (please note that I never claimed my Japanese was any good) has me thinking this one will at least be interesting from a lyrical perspective.

Shakugan no Shana II opener by Mami Kawada

This isn’t really surprising considering her strong ties to the series, but Mami’s going to be singing “JOINT” for the upcoming second season of Shakugan no Shana (or Shana, as its R1 release is called). The single’s release date is (at the moment) set for October 31st, and I am seriously hoping that won’t mean a “Halloween mix” as the B-side. Anyone who’s witnessed the Engrish-laden horror of the Christmas-themed Sekka no Shinwa remix on KOTOKO’s last album should know what I’m talking about there.

Virgin’s high cover art revealed, website updated accordingly

Still no preview of “kicks!” anywhere to be found, but we now know what the cover for Virgin’s high looks like thanks to a recent update on her Geneon page. (Neowing has a slightly zoomed-in version too.) I’m really liking the sort of weird gothic look she’s got going on for the cover, so much that the fact that it doesn’t really seem to go with Virgin’s high the song doesn’t really seem to matter that much.



  1. Shana 2 is coming?! I’ve totally no idea… Really…

    And Sekka no Shinwa really sucked.
    I can’t bear listening to her English. Really, Japanese should learn some basic English.

  2. Well, Sekka no Shinwa the original song is actually pretty good. It’s just that the Christmas mix was a horrible mistake.

    And I knew about Shana II for a long while because a friend of mine is something of a Shana addict – proof of which can be seen below.

  3. hey there! I thought so… Mami will perform the opening theme for SnS 2… xD haha! it also didn’t came as a surprise but I was happy!! she geets lots of promotions for year 2007… oh well she didn’t got any single release last 2006 so at least this will boost her popularity.

    I personally like Sekka no Shinwa but I really didn’t like the Xmas mix also… >_< but I really like the other songs in the UZU-MAKI album…

  4. >_>;

    I am not an addict! But yea, Season 2 is already here! first episode aired two days ago.

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