Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/31/07

Landslide of I’ve news, kicks! video preview up

Remember those two singles scooped, I dunno, some 2 days ago? Well, we have new information already. And oh is it ever sweet.

Shichitenbattou☆Shijoushuji! composed/arranged by C.G mix

As something of a huge C.G mix fan, this is fairly awesome news – he’s only produced one previous single for Geneon (the excellent Face of Fact -RESOLUTION ver.-)*, so needless to say I’m excited about this announcement. And hey, October’s when the Kichiku Megane soundtrack comes out – C.G mix for everyone!

JOINT composed/arranged by Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Mami also doing ED for Shana II

Well, Mami Kawada’s been a busy girl as of late – not only is she doing JOINT for Shakugan no Shana II but we now know she’ll be performing an as-yet-untitled Kazuya Takase-penned number for the ending theme as well. Also, sources indicate both themes are most likely to be released on the same single. Whether this means it’s like Face of Fact where the OP and ED themes (and the requisite instrumentals) are the only tracks or more like Re-sublimity where a third song is added as a B-side remains to be seen, but here’s hoping for the latter.

kicks! promo video clip up, song not sounding that great

My main problem with Virgin’s high was MELL’s over-reliance on her ‘weird voice’ – as she’d proven with quite a few eroge themes and even Red fraction to a degree, she can make a perfectly good song without using said voice even once. But here we’ve got what’s essentially a 35-second clip of her doing nothing but. I have a feeling this one might possibly grow on me with time, but I wouldn’t bank on it. Although hey, I guess this finally resolves the whole “which song will get the video?” debate from all those months back when Virgin’s high was first announced. And for what it’s worth the video itself is pretty cool – as with Red fraction, it’s all just pure MELL weirdness. But this time there’s more pelvic thrusting. Which is less cool. Hmm…

* Edit – C.G mix also produced the recent Maria-sama ga Miteru ending theme “Chercher” for KOTOKO, as Fred Itachi reminded me in the comments thread for this post. I wasn’t intentionally spreading disinformation, I was just temporarily braindead.



  1. hey I also personally liked C.G mix… and I am looking forward to his “under the darkness” song. ^^ it’s one of my fave song (I only have the short ver of the song).

    About Mami, you’re absolutely right. She’s been very busy lately compared to last year since she only released her first album and some songs for eroge. And yeah I’m looking forward to that new eroge song. xD I also read from her website that she will be performing for the ending theme as well… I wonder when will they release it’s title… I know I’m demanding too much (since she’s still not that famous) but I hope in the future, she will release a double-A side with two PVs…

    As for MELL, I find her videos weird too but I really liked no vain even if it has a weird PV looking like pseudo-Madonna. I like Red fraction but I didn’t like the PV that much because as you said, it’s just pure MELL weirdness.

  2. My wallet’s gonna be busy..
    Or more likely, my torrent…

  3. In response to Fred,

    A fan of C.G mix’s you may say you are, but have you heard his solo album?

  4. yes, “in your life” I think is his 1st album that has been released. I just had a few song of him in that album like “version up”, “Welcome to HEAVEN!”, “E.I.E.N” and some other few songs… I haven’t completed the album yet but I will be soon…

    If I’m not mistaken, C.G mix was the one who composed and arranged KOTOKO’s “CHERCHER” right? I also liked the song. ^^

    As for his songs for BL games, I just know 2 songs that he performed which is:

    *under the darkness – for Kichiku Megane
    *Welcome to HEAVEN! – for Gakuen Heaven PS2

    I personally don’t play the game/s mentioned but because I like electronic musics, I tried and I liked both. =)

    And I just noticed one thing about C.G mix… yeah he do compose and arrange songs, but I didn’t see any of his songs written by him. Oh well, just an observation.

  5. …Oh wow, Chercher *was* produced by him. Guess my original post was inaccurate then, oops. :S

    And it may be true that he doesn’t write the lyrics for his songs, but that never bothered me – some people just aren’t talented lyricists, after all.

    Also, the two songs you named are his only BL eroge themes. Welcome to HEAVEN! is cheesy as hell, but I am fully in agreeance with you that under the darkness is great.

    Oh, and ‘in your life’ is his first solo album but he’s also contributed some tracks to the TRANCE MAGIC compilation series – I myself don’t have any of said compilation CDs but I wouldn’t imagine they’d be too hard to find if one were determined enough.

  6. yeah I like “under the darkness” more than “Welcome to HEAVEN!” and I like “version up” too!

    oh TRANCE MAGIC?! I like trance music so I guess when I have the time, I’ll look for it haha!

    and I noticed also that C.G mix mostly composes for KOTOKO… haha! I think C.G mix just composed only one song for Mami Kawada (Kanashimi no Mori from album “SEED”) and Eiko Shimamiya (Ginga no ko from album “O”) and also some notable songs for MELL (“Sabaku no Yuki” and “Our Youthful Days”). I think he also composed some few songs for Kaorin like NAISHO-Naisho, anata dake no Angel and the JET SMASH. I think he composed more than 5 songs for KOTOKO. Haha oh well another useless observation of mine, don’t mind this. ^^

  7. another reply: I already found one of what you were saying… “Marquis Spot” by C.G mix under TRANCE MAGIC Vol.3 (I think this is the only one he contributed in the said compilation, I think but correct me if I’m wrong). It resembles MOMO’s “D-Thread” IMO… they have their similarities.

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