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I’ve Sound Calendar: September 2007

Well I’ll be damned if there aren’t a grand total of two bloody things on this month’s calendar. I’m a bit late with this one, but that’s mostly because I was even wondering if this month deserved its own calendar – I mean, seriously now. Two releases and that’s it. Oh well, they’re both pretty interesting so I’ll give ’em that.

September 26:

Virgin’s high single release

After being delayed a good month or so from its originally-announced release date, Virgin’s high is coming out on the 26th of this month. As I’ve already written way too much about my feelings for this song (short version: I don’t like it), I’ll hop right along to the next update.

September 28:

Shin Ringetsu eroge release

OK, I don’t know much about this one but here’s what I’ve managed to figure out – back in 2004, eroge developer Selen released a game by the name of Ringetsu (燐月), with I’ve handling all music for the game and Mami Kawada singing the opening theme ‘eclipse’. And, three years later, apparently the game’s still popular enough to warrant a reissue/remake/sequel/whatever the hell Shin Ringetsu (真・燐月) is. Now, you might be thinking “why should I care” right about now – but there is, in fact, quite a compelling reason to care about this game. See, even though she ‘left’ I’ve back in 2006 and hasn’t recorded anything with the collective since her appearance as part of I’ve Special Unit on Fair Heaven, vocalist MOMO will be singing a new song titled ‘Cherish’ for this new game – her first I’ve solo work in a good 3 years. We don’t know anything about the song save for the title, but with the game’s release set for later this month further details should be on their way soon.



  1. Wow about the Shin Ringetsu release, I didn’t think that MOMO will be performing it since she left I’ve and joined POR… but I’m still looking forward to it since I also like MOMO. ^^

    Another fact that I read from the Japanese wikipedia (I don’t know if it’s correct but more or less it’s accurate since it’s the Japanese wiki not the english), MOMO is actually 34 years old and I can’t imagine that on her face because she looks younger. Oh well…

  2. It’s also worth noting that apparently the ‘premium edition’ of Shin Ringetsu comes with a complete soundtrack CD – granted, at 8980 yen it’s hardly a bargain but from what I’ve read on other blogs the original Ringetsu was one of the better story-focused eroge out there and this expanded remake should be even better.

    Also, here’s the link to the game’s very-much-NSFW official page if anyone’s interested:

  3. wow my eyes widened just by seeing the main banner. O__O

    anyway, yeah it’s a bit expensive but if anyone is really interested in availing the complete soundtrack, they should just ignore the game CD and instead listen to the OST that is, if they are not ero-gamers (like in my case if I will be in Japan).

    I hope this soundtrack will also contain an instrumental version of MOMO’s Cherish… because I don’t know where in the earth did they (jpopsuki) got the instrumental & karaoke version of “eclipse” and “IMMORAL” both by Mami Kawada. I just assumed that they were in the complete OST too…

  4. It’s funny you mention eclipse, since that song was the opening theme for Ringetsu (and will be the theme song for Shin Ringetsu as well).
    The soundtrack CD will likely contain instrumental versions of both eclipse and Cherish, even though as you mentioned the instrumental version of eclipse has been released before (on the Ringetsu ‘MINI FANDISC’, just FYI).

  5. Shin Ringetsu is a must buy for eroge fans. It’s worth the extra 2000 yen for the book and CD. If you have not heard the new song, you can watch the promo video here . . . .

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