Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/04/07

Shin Ringetsu demo movie up, new MOMO song featured

Well, she left I’ve a year ago but apparently that doesn’t matter that much – MOMO’s got a new song, and you can hear it in the ‘demo movie’ (which isn’t really a demo in any sense of the word) for Selen‘s eroge “Shin Ringetsu” (link very much NSFW), conveniently downloadable here. This new tune, titled ‘Cherish’ (as scooped in my calendar update one post down) is arranged and composed by Maiko Iuchi, and while it may not be anything particularly earth-shattering it’s certainly one of I’ve’s nicer songs to listen to. As I stated in an earlier comments thread, the game is available in a 8980-yen ‘premium edition’ that includes a complete soundtrack CD – not exactly a bargain by any stretch of the imagination, but for any MOMO fans out there it might just be worth looking into.



  1. yeah I have to agree with you, it’s one of the nicest songs from I’ve this year… although it’s not upbeat, I still like the melody of the song. But I’d rather listen to it rather than see the movie demo then hear the song… It’ll just confuse my mind…

    by the way, this is another off-topic reply, you just said in one of your posts that the Kichiku Megane OST will be released in October 2007 right? So is that mean there’s still no long version of under the darkness until the release of the OST?

  2. You’re right, there won’t be a long version of under the darkness released before the soundtrack comes out next month. But – if you don’t mind me saying it, these off-topic comments are starting to get a tad annoying. These type of questions are really better-suited to instant messenging programs… I’m not sure what you have, but if you want to reach me through MSN or AIM my tags are devonrulesall[at] and dmckafka, respectively. Or if e-mail’s more your thing, I can be contacted at dmckafka[at] and I check my e-mail fairly frequently.

  3. Hmm, to clarify…
    Since MOMO left I’ve, can she still release songs under I’ve?

  4. Of course she can. After all, I’ve has produced songs for artists who don’t really have any connection to the collective whatsoever (Rita’s “Little Busters” being a good example of this), so MOMO’s return logically wouldn’t be any different. Granted, I’m not sure the exact details of how I’ve contracts work (or even if they have any – Factory Records, template for Kazuya Takase’s FUCTORY, had a rule to never sign a contract with any artists on their label so as to allow them the greatest possible artistic freedom) but I assume that basically all MOMO’s departure from I’ve meant was that she wouldn’t get to release any singles through Geneon.

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