Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/10/07

New Mami Kawada single details, Shakugan no Shana 2 ending called ‘triangle’

Man, remember when it was announced that Mami would be singing both the opening and ending themes for the new season of Shakugan no Shana and it seemed like an inevitable return to the glory days of 5-track maxi-singles like Re-sublimity and Hishoku no Sora (the latter seeming especially likely due to its connection with Shakugan no Shana)? No? Well, for some of us it seemed like that was the case. But, in reality, it’s going to be another 4-track release – the opening theme JOINT, newly-announced ending theme ‘triangle’ (composition and arrangement handled by the multi-talented Kazuya Takase) and the instrumental versions of each. Oh, and as with (almost) all Geneon releases there will also be a special edition version with a DVD containing the promo clip for the single – whether the video will be JOINT or triangle, though? Only time will tell…

(Additional note: I didn’t say this before, but additional arrangement duties on JOINT will be coming courtesy of Takeshi Ozaki, who also worked on the arrangement for both Aozora to Taiyou and Get my way! for Mami’s last single.)



  1. I’ll be looking forward to its release. Get my Way wasn’t too nice for my listening…

  2. Yeah I’ll look forward to this single as well (since I’m a big Mami Kawada fan) but I still like Get my way for some reason… Hmm I hope if it’s possible, there will be 2 PVs (1 for JOINT and 1 for triangle) haha but that would be a bit expensive for I’ve so I’m having a hunch JOINT will have the PV…

    And I hope this single will also be as powerful and memorable as like her “Hishoku no Sora” which is her most successful single as of now.

  3. Er, do you seriously have to wait until the first episode to hear either of these?

  4. dfdadf: A promo for the series was recently released, and while I’ve yet to download it myself (I know, I know) there’s a good chance it’ll feature at least the opening theme.

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