Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/13/07

Release date for AsuSeka OST

I’ve-backed eroge Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori―― (そして明日の世界より――, also known as the infinitely-more-convenient ‘AsuSeka’) now has a release date for its twin “campaign CDs”. On November 5, in addition to an “image album” (not associated with I’ve in any way) the game’s original soundtrack CD will be released, containing full versions of Mami Kawada’s “theme song” as well as the ending theme for the new eroge (also sung by her) in addition to 21 tracks of background music composed by I’ve.

Edit – Image album apparently part of some pre-order campaign and soundtrack apparently only available bundled with the game itself. Thanks to “natto” (see comment section below) for this information.



  1. wow, more mami songs? actually 11/5 is the cutoff date for their preorder campaign thingy, and the image album is given to those who preorder the first pressing of the game before the date. preorder or not, the first pressing of the game will include the ost (i think). the official release date for the game is 11/22.

  2. Post updated, credit given. I really wish I had some Japanese assistance for this blog, too many times I’ve screwed up on account of my hilariously-limited grasp on the language…

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