Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/19/07

Shichitenbattou☆Shijoushuji cover art revealed

Well, a thumbnail anyhow. KOTOKO’s Geneon discography page has been updated with a small shot of the new Hayate no Gotoku OP single’s jacket image, and it’s… Unexpected, to say the least. Seemingly inspired heavily by silver-age comic book art (or perhaps Roy Lichtenstein), the new image has a sort of comic-book page filled with explosions and three oddly-coloured shots of KOTOKO herself amongst the madness. Well, it’s something different at the very least…



  1. Eeek. Is she trying to act cute again? I still can’t forget Sakuranbo Kiss…

    But its my first time going to her official website. Her picture in the banner is sooo cool…

  2. Funny, when I posted this they hadn’t switched over from her Starlight Symphony pic yet… It is indeed a good picture, I’d have to say. One of the most flattering shots of her I’ve seen.

  3. Oh god, I wanted to go her website and screenshot the banner, but its changed! Where’d her Starlight Symphony banner go? Nice teaser, Geneon…

  4. Oh, I had thought your comment was in reaction to her new pic rather than the Starlight Symphony one…

    I like the new pic, airbrushed and heavily made-up as KOTOKO may be in it. It’s a new look and not necessarily a bad one either, really makes me wonder what the video for the ShichiShijou single will be like.

  5. Her current pic is nice as well, however much edited it is. But its more of a ballad-singer style, if you know what I mean.

    I’d prefer her rocker/punk image. Thats why I like the Starlight Sypmphony picture so much.

  6. Shichitenbattou☆Shijoushuji! will be featured as new OP of Hayate no gotoku right? It should be on this sunday, the 30th of september.

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