Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/26/07

Virgin’s high! single released

Well, it’s out. The opening theme from TV anime “Sky Girls” and MELL’s third maxi-single, “Virgin’s high!” is a song I’ve had a great deal to say about in the past. And don’t worry, a full review is definitely on its way – it just won’t get published for another day or so due to extraneous circumstances. But in the meantime, why not enjoy the video clip that comes bundled with the SE version of the single? Thanks for the video once again going to Youtube user guuchan2003.



  1. A word of advice: don’t read my review until after you at least listen to the full version of Virgin’s High.
    Trust me on this one.

  2. wow I watched the PV last night… it has become more weirder than I thought… What does “kicks!” have something to do with a girl wearing a school uniform? or is it because she “kicked” in the video? maybe…

    and what i don’t want in this video is that she keeps on enlarging her eye which is crazy… It’s not scary… and it’s just nonsense…

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