Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/01/07

10/01 news update: Chasse credits revealed, miscellaneous JOINT news, ShoPro hates YouTube

Alright, it’s the beginning of a new month – and along with the new month comes plenty of new, umm, news. I really need to stop saying ‘new’.

Chasse song credits revealed, no huge surprises to be found

The new ending theme for Hayate no Gotoku, which apparently premiered along with the new season of the anime yesterday (I wouldn’t know, for reasons I’ll get to later) is composed by Kazuya Takase, arranged by Takeshi Ozaki and Maiko Iuchi and, as with almost all Kaori Utatsuki songs, features lyrics written by KOTOKO.

JOINT single cover thumbnail revealed, to be played on ‘~AniSupa!~’ radio show

First, Mami’s Geneon official site has a thumbnailed version of the cover for her Shakugan no Shana II OP/ED single. Also what appears to be a new top image as well, both continuing Get my way!’s theme of having Mami photographed in run-down places with plenty of earth tones. 

Secondly, I’m mostly guessing as to what this bit of news is about, but it seems that rather than making its debut with a web preview as most I’ve singles do, JOINT is to make its premier on a radio show. The show (~Anisupa!~, or ~アニスパ!~ as it’s written in Japanese) will be on the station “A&G” (frequency 1134khz, not that it matters for those outside of Japan…) and will be on from 9 to 11 PM. Anyone know of any good ways to intercept radio waves from overseas?

Shogakukan Productions cracking down on YouTube, no more easily-accessible Hayate no Gotoku clips

I checked YouTube today expecting to find conveniently-accessible clips of the new Hayate no Gotoku opening and ending themes, but whenever I clicked a link to a video I was faced with the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd.”

What does this mean? Well, for starters it means that it’s probably a good time to get a NicoVideo account. Perhaps more importantly, however, it means that Japanese companies are starting to take notice of people posting their content on YouTube. So if there are any fansubbed series you’ve been following through YouTube uploads (I did that when I was watching Strawberry Panic, it actually wasn’t as bad as one might think), either find another video site that has them or start actually downloading because you’re probably not going to be able to see them on YouTube any longer. Now, to my knowledge Hayate no Gotoku is the only I’ve-affiliated anime affected by the ShoPro crackdown, but as I see it, it’s only a matter of time before other licensors take notice.



  1. Holy crap good find on the Mami site change. And it’s ANOTHER FEDORA (see MELL’s site for the other one). Next thing you know, LP5 is going to cover a song from Chicago or something.
    “When you’re good to Mami…” ??

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