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I’ve Sound Calendar: October 2007

Fans, this is a dark day for Aibu -I’ve Sound Blog-. You see, as of this calendar update, faithful running joke Kichiku Megane will no longer have anything left to put on a calendar. Those scenes of hot, sweaty man-love instigated by glasses that turn the wearer evil will be no more after this. And, as I’m sure we all know, that’s nothing short of a bona fide tragedy. But nevertheless, it’s one of the harsh realities we must face if we are ever to move on in this life – a hard lesson to learn, but one that needed to be taught.

But enough about that, here’s the calendar for October.

October 4:

Shakugan no Shana II anime premieres, Mami Kawada does something or other regarding a radio show

Starting with this month, I’ve decided to do something different with these calendar posts. See, for whatever reason I never before bothered mentioning anime premiere dates or the like – but don’t worry, that’ll change from now on. Shakugan no Shana II (with Mami Kawada-sung opening and ending themes) is going to be starting up October 4, and to commemorate its release Mami Kawada is going to be interviewed or perform live or maybe just get acknowledged on radio show ‘~AniSupa!~’ on the 4th as well.

October 17:

Shichitenhakki☆Shijoushuji! single release

You know all that sarcastic bullshit I was typing up there about how I’ll miss Kichiku Megane so very much when I no longer have any reason to mention it? Well, the situation with Shichitenhakki☆Shijoushuji and I is basically the exact opposite. It’s not that it’s a bad song, in fact I really quite like it – it’s just that I hate its title. No matter how I try and abbreviate it (Shichitenhakki’s what I’ve been using, but even that’s not all that great), it always seems awkward and irritating.

But hey, a new C.G mix single is never a bad thing. Sometimes (as with Chercher) it’s admittedly sort of a lukewarm thing, but never truly bad.

October 18:

Kichiku Megane OST release

Well here it is, folks. C.G mix’s “under the darkness” and something like 21 tracks of non-I’ve background music, compiled on CD for the first time in history. First, and likely the only time – while previous C.G mix-soundtracked BL game Gakuen Heaven! did get a PS2 release, my intuition tells me that Kichiku Megane most likely isn’t going to get a re-release at any point in time. It’s kind of sad, letting this one go… It’s a bit nostalgic for me (yes, I’m getting nostalgic about 5 months ago – who says you should wait on these things?) considering that the Spray-produced eroge was essentially the closest thing my blog was able to get to a true running joke. Its weird reluctance to not let me go a single month without a link to hot guy-on-guy action on my I’ve Sound Calendar pages was endearing even as it made me cringe, and at this point saying good-bye to it almost feels like I’m saying it to an old friend. Just that old friend only knew me for 5 months and made me look at animated gay porn.

Still, it’s sad to see him go. Godspeed, Kichiku Megane. It might not have exactly been great knowing you, but I’m glad for it nevertheless.

October 26:

Shin Ringetsu eroge release

Notable both for featuring a song from an I’ve member who officially left a year ago (MOMO, who provides theme song ‘Cherish’ for the game) and also for having one of the most eye-poppingly NSFW header images of any site I’ve linked to on its site (don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!), Shin Ringetsu (真・燐月) by eroge developer Selen is a remake of an earlier and apparently quite popular title. Available in both premium (complete with soundtrack CD and ‘visual fan book’!) and standard flavours, it definitely appears to be one of the higher-quality eroge out there – I’m no expert on these things, but if you asked me I’d have to say Shin Ringetsu looks better than any other eroge I’ve scooped here.

October 31:

JOINT single release

Ooh, spooky! A halloween release! While I’m doubtful there will be anything particularly creepy about Mami Kawada’s next single, it is still fun to think of the date as being somehow significant. Either way, Shakugan no Shana II. OP/ED. Out this October 31. If this were a hip-hop blog rather than an I’ve one I’d probably say something like “check it!” right about now, but since it’s not I think I’ll just go ahead and say “check it!” anyhow.

Check it, yo!



  1. I will “def. check it, yo” when the time comes. Also, thanks for reminding me SNS II is just around the corner! LOVED the first season.

  2. PFFT
    Shin-Ringetsu is NOT the “most eye-popping NSFW header” out there. Though it is quite pleasant to look at…
    Try this one:
    So NSFW, the cover art for the soundtracks is half boobs, half title graphic, and if you squint really hard, you might see a few faces attached to those breasteses.

  3. Note that I said “one of the most eye-poppingly NSFW header images of any site I’ve linked to”, not the most eye-poppingly NSFW header out there. Because holy crap, that Aneimo image is bad.

  4. ^ now that you said that JOINT is a halloween release, I’m having a feeling that the song/s itself won’t be related with the halloween… Maybe it’s the PV which will give a little creep… since the main banner for Mami’s Geneon Website is in a very secluded area… particularly in an underground jail… and the cover, she looks more gothic with her outfit… well that’s just what I’m thinking hehe…

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