Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/07/07

AsuSeka OP available for download

The Mami Kawada-sung opening theme for etude soft‘s eroge Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori―― (そして明日の世界より――, or ‘AsuSeka’ for short) is now available for download! The song’s called “For our days”, and it’s composed and arranged by Kazuya Takase. Admittedly not Takase or Kawada’s best work, but it’s cute and also something of a return to form for Mami after Get my way! and JOINT’s more pop-punk sound.

Oh, and for the Japanese-impaired, when you get to the download page just click any of the links that say ‘ダウンロード’ (that’s Japanese for ‘download’) and the song will be yours. Enjoy!



  1. Haha I spent 5 mins looking through the page for そして明日の世界より. I thought the download links were for the songs beside them, when I finally realised THEY WERE FOR THE SAME SONG. Damned mirrors.

    I seriously need to learn Japanese.

  2. is this the opening theme? wow it’s too softy and lonely but yeah, it’s not as good as JOINT… but I still kinda like it.

    IMO, when it comes to composing songs, most of Mami Kawada’s great songs are composed by Tomoyuki Nakazawa. Well I’m not saying that Kazuya Takase is not good but the great songs that he composes usually is for the other I’ve Girls like KOTOKO, MELL and Eiko Shimamiya. Well, just a PoV (Hope I won’t get flamed).

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