Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/20/07

New eroge “Colourful Wish” to feature KOTOKO-sung theme song

It was just announced yesterday that veteran eroge developer GIGA‘s latest game ‘Colourful Wish ~12-ko no Magi★Kyun!~‘ (カラフルウィッシュ ~12コのマジ★キュン!~), possible sequel to popular eroge Colourful Heart, will feature a theme sung by KOTOKO just as its predecessor. No word yet on a title or producer credit, but given that Colourful Heart had the the disgustingly-cute Kyururun Kiss de Jumbo♪♪ (きゅるるんKissでジャンボ♪♪) as its opener it’s a safe bet that Colourful Wish won’t be too far off – probably going to be produced by C.G mix and be packed to the brim with ‘chu-chu!’ sound effects. Either way, while it’s probably not going to be a new classic the Colourful Wish theme should at the very least be fun – C.G mix and KOTOKO’s collaborations on GIGA titles have yet to truly turn out a ‘miss’ and I doubt they’re going to be messing with that track record any time soon.



  1. I love the sounds of “chu chu”… ;)

  2. I love きゅるるんKissでジャンボ♪♪ ^^

    Hope the song for this one is as good.

  3. […] doing BGM for new game ‘Milk Pai’ Remember Colourful Wish? Well, when I last wrote about it all that was known was that it was a sequel of sorts to Giga Soft’s previous eroge Colourful […]

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