Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/22/07

Kaori Utatsuki main page has a new header image

This one’s a pretty minor update, but Kaori’s official website has a new top-page image, presumably to match the album art for Chasse.



  1. Kaorin looks much younger in the main banner… I like it more than the Shining stars bless banner.

    I don’t know about this but I notice some of the I’ve Sound singers looks younger in the picture but the opposite shows in the PV. Just like with MELL, she does look younger in “Proof/no vain” and “Virgin’s high!/kicks!” main banner but she looks too old in the PVs. So odd.

  2. Its a beautiful face, but her eyes seems a bit weird.

    And agreed, The banner pics make them look younger. Ever seen MELL’s wikipedia page?

  3. Yes, actually I was the one who uploaded that pic of hers in English wikipedia. O_o And I am planning to change it but still looking for a replacement… I know she looks really old in that pic primarily because she’s uber white. x_X

    Kaorin really looks younger in the banner of Shining stars bless main banner and in the single cover but I was rather surprised to see she looked old in the PV. ~_~

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