Posted by: 愛撫 | 10/29/07

Visual Art’s is doing something, also video previews ahoy!

Alright, there’s a bit of news to be covering here, so I shan’t waste any time on introductions.

Visual Art’s launches ‘Visualstyle’ website, I’m told this has something to do with I’ve

You can figure this one out for yourselves, I guess. I’ve Sound Explorer mentions Comiket, I’ve and Visual Art’s in some context but when I go to the Visualstyle website all I get is a big white Flash window that refuses to load properly. Life’s a bitch like that.

Chasse single cover revealed, video preview shown

OK, so when did 2007 turn into 1977? As shown on Kaori’s official website, the cover for ‘Chasse’ has a sepia-toned photo and mod-as-fuck text seeming to be trying with all its might to turn back the clock some 30 years, despite the song contained on the single largely failing on any level to evoke the disco era in the slightest. The video for the song seems less strangely anachronistic, however, and while it’s hard to tell from the preview exactly where it’s going it’s probably a safe bet to say it isn’t really going to be anything special. However, none of this really matters because what you’ll really be thinking about when listening to Chasse is that you’ll never be able to get that “lunlunlun” chorus out of your head no matter how hard you try. Trust me, I’ve been there.

JOINT video preview joins in on the fun

OK, so JOINT. The song is pretty much awesome, as I’m sure we all know (note: I’m not), but this video couldn’t be less inspiring. I mean, yeah it’s just a preview, but Mami barely even moves, let alone does anything that might be remotely interesting to watch. I guess with this one it’s all about the atmospherics, and unfortunately for the video said atmosphere isn’t that great. Also, one look at those horrid bleached jeans she’s wearing and I think it’s time for I’ve to fire their fashion consultant. Unless the girls themselves choose what to wear, in which case it’s high time for them to get one. (The preview is on her website, which a commenter just reminded me I forgot to link in the first place.)



  1. “I mean, yeah it’s just a preview, but Mami barely even moves, let alone does anything that might be remotely interesting to watch.”
    I assume you haven’t seen the radiance PV. She sits, she stands, she moves her mouth, and that’s about it.

  2. link to joint video kudasai.

  3. Jeffx: Oh crap, I thought I’d linked to Mami’s page… Sorry!

    Hikaruhoshi: You are right in assuming I hadn’t seen that one. Sounds thrilling.

  4. Flash failed me too…

  5. yeah I agree. The video isn’t that thrilling but I’m thrilled to listen to the long version. I was bored with the radiance PV… she didn’t do anything there at all…


  6. There’s a good reason why the flash failed:
    It’s a 5.2MB file.
    This is the actual .swf file, so just save it on your computer and open it from there.
    It’s basically a magazine that starts off with a several-page interview with Lia and then pretty much a catalog of various Key and Visual Art’s stuff. It also mentions that I’ve may be at Comiket 73, but even with my poor knowledge of Japanese, it doesn’t look like they’re revealing much at this time.

  7. I stopped watching the “joint” preview halfway through. I’m completely in love with the song and I wish I had more than the “TV Size” to chew on… I imagined her jumping around and fucking shit up, not lamenting on a staircase. Shitty buzz.

  8. Just watched the full JOINT PV. It’s kinda like her SEED PV, nothing very interesting at all.

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