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I’ve Sound Calendar: November 2007

Well, this is late. There’s only two events on the calendar this month, though, so I don’t think it’s too much of a problem.

November 21:

Chasse single release

Chasse… I try to describe my feelings about this song but they just refuse to turn into words. However, I can tell you this: once you’re in the grasp of this song and its devilish hook it will not let you go. No matter how hard you struggle, you will be humming ‘la la lunlunlunlun’ to yourself wherever you go. And hey, the full version’s coming out this month!

November 22: 

AsuSeka eroge release

Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori─ (そして明日の世界より─), etude soft‘s latest eroge, should be of particular interest to any fans of Key (Kanon, CLANNAD, etc.) – not only does the game seem to share a similar sort of feel, but with its opening theme and background music produced by I’ve coupled with character songs (and one of two ending themes) performed by eufonius (perhaps best known for their CLANNAD OP “Mag Mell”), AsuSeka seems like a winner even despite the admittedly fairly iffy quality of the in-game art. (That last link NSFW) And yes, grammar nuts, that entire paragraph was one sentence. I’m scheduled to hang at high noon, don’t worry.



  1. Looking forward to Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori, love the Kawada Mami theme song ^^

  2. Any stores online that actually sell music from eroge-games, like this? There are plenty of KOTOKO & Kawada Mami albums and singles on cdjapan & yesasia but no eroge songs, which sound great. Any other webstores which might have these?

  3. ics:
    I admittedly can’t vouch for their quality of service (never ordered from them personally), but Himeya Shop ( has a wide variety of eroge soundtrack CDs as well as all 6 volumes of the I’ve Girls Compilation series. They’re admittedly nowhere even close to cheap, but as far as soundtrack CDs go I’ve never seen an (English-language) site with a better selection than Himeya.

  4. Thank you, that seems like an “ok” place, trust me, i’ve seen worse so i threw my order in and i’ll post here how it goes. All 4 items where at stock so it propably takes atleast a week to get them.

    I’ve used and before which where fine. Yesasia was cheap and cdjapan little more expensive but i got few bucks to spare for quality music. Every order has come through without a problem but they do not list these more rare items, like the both short circuit collections or I’ve girls compilations – only the recent and popular records and especially no eroge game soundtracks whatsoever. I’m just _huge_ fan of I’ve sound so i really want all their records :-)

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. I look forward to hearing about how Himeya’s service is – their selection is great, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the company anyways on account of Himeya Soft (their now-defunct software publishing division) providing the vast majority of my early exposure to eroge. Immoral Lesson 2, I will never forget you… *sniffle*

  6. Well, i ordered 3 CD’s and 1 DVD on 21st of Nov, they shipped my order on 27th and at 29th, it was already in the country here in Finland BUT the goddamn customs office has it now. I don’t know why they catched it – happened only once to me years ago when i ordered online and with clothes. However, after numerous inquiries and explainings, I should get my stuff on tomorrow or on monday (my estimate). I’ll post more when i know if there is really the stuff inside i wanted :-)

  7. Ahh, customs agents. I remember a similar story, friend of mine from the UK ordered a Shakugan no Shana figure and the post office held her hostage until he coughed up the ransom fee of some £20 on an item that cost £25 to begin with. Hope your situation will turn out less, umm, expensively.

  8. Well, i got the goods today on friday and everything is what i ordered. Goddamn customs want 50 euros so nearly half of the price of all products inside. Funny thing is that they say CD and DVD’s are not the ones which go through customs and now this. :(
    But Himeyashop has nothing to do with this so i’d say they are safe to order. :)

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