Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/06/07

Yotsunoha OVA announced, I’ve Sound to do its music

The recently-announced Yotsunoha OVA (the presumedly non-adult adaptation of HAIKUO SOFT‘s eroge Yotsunoha) is apparently going to be featuring music from I’ve Sound – however, as of now we have very little indication as to what exactly this means. It’s a given that I’ve will be doing the background music, but it’s as yet unannounced whether or not they’ll have anything to do with the opening and ending themes. Both the OP and ED themes are performed by I’ve outsiders reprising their roles from the eroge (Yui Sakakibara and ‘Chatta’), so while it is a possibility the arrangers from the game will be back as well I wouldn’t write off the idea of I’ve production just yet.


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