Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/08/07

Chasse B-side has a name now

Thus far the name is all we have, but Kaori Utatsuki’s Hayate no Gotoku! ending theme “Chasse” is set to come bundled with a song called “Change of heart”. Just throwing ideas out there, I’m inclined to think this one will probably sound a good deal like the SHORT CIRCUIT version of Senecio. Laid-back to an extreme, pure relaxation music after the lunlunlun onslaught of Chasse. Mmmm, I’m looking forward to it already.



  1. I share your excitement! And although I’m way ahead of myself, I’m already looking forward to Short Circuit III… or the next I’ve Girls for that matter. Any new about a 7th volume?

  2. For all we know there may never be an I’ve Girls comp volume 7. SHORT CIRCUIT III maybe, but that one will likely be in another 3 years at the very least.

  3. ^ well maybe your assumptions are correct since as I see it, Kaori is more on the “cutey-cute” fluffy songs more than anyone in I’ve Sound.

    And I just noticed, both A and B-side songs are starting with “Ch-” letters. xD Oh well that doesn’t matter for now as long as the music is pleasant to the ears, then it’ll be okay.

  4. I don’t see why there wouldn’t be an I’ve volume 7… they’ve all but left the early trance sounds behind and are starting to merge with heavy rock. A new compilation would have to reflect that.

    Or maybe an all-denpa I’ve Collection ;)

  5. ^ well because apparently, there are only 5 I’ve Girls left only (excluding C.G mix) and I think they started the I’ve Girls Compilation Volumes when they were still more than 5. MOMO decided to part ways and so is SHIHO. Lia and Ayana are not already around so I think there wouldn’t be vol.7 but surely there is a possibilty for Short Circuit III.

    But I’m mostly looking forward in the next few months is another single from the Love Planet Five! That would be cool, IMO.

    about the idea of an “all-denpa” I’ve Collection, maybe that’s possible in the Short Circuit albums if I’m right…

  6. You are right about LP5. That would rule as well! Oh well, enough speculation for now.

  7. Chasse PV preview already available in her Geneon Website!!! ^_^

  8. Short Circuit is essentially I’ve’s “all-denpa” (or at least closest to it) compilation already – having a separate series would be redundant, and also it’s worth noting that they aren’t going to have enough material for a third volume of that one for a few more years.

    As for the motivation behind the compilation albums, Fred has a point in that, with the early compilations, there was a rather large and scattered group of vocalists (some only ever appearing for one song) – with the group largely narrowed down to the members of Love Planet Five, a compilation album might strike some as being a touch repetitive, too few vocalists stretched over too many songs. However, there’s still hope with I’ve-produced songs not sung by the I’ve girls such as Cherish (MOMO) and Little Busters! (Rita) kicking around. We’ll probably never see a lineup like the one on verge again (unfortunately), but there still is *some* hope for a volume 7.

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