Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/12/07

Real Onigokko composition and arrangement revealed

…And it’s Kazuya Takase! Of course, who really expected anyone else? Allegedly something of a major horror buff, Takase’s previous collaborations with KOTOKO have included some of I’ve’s darkest material to date (check out the title track from I’ve Girls compilation “Collective” for a good example of this) and the prospect of doing a theme song for a genuine horror film like Real Onigokko (リアル鬼ごっこ) must’ve been a dream come true fo the guy. Release date for the single still set for December 19, B-side title and information as yet unknown.



  1. wow now that’s something new… I was totally expecting Tomoyuki Nakazawa will be composing it but oh well I really like “Collective” and I agree it has has some dark materials content on it. Wow now that I think of it, it’s kind of bizarre because I know Real Onigokko (movie) will be launched in year 2008 and the launch of the single was… a bit early… and it happened to the Shana movie as well (LP5 single released 2 weeks b4 the movie).

    And IMO, Kazuya Takase wants to “reclaim” his honor again and I hope this single will work out for him to reclaim that lost honor.

  2. Fred:
    From what I understand, a lot of promotional singles in Japan are released before the movie/anime in question comes out in order to build hype for the impending release. Of course, sometimes this backfires and leaves enough space in between the releases to allow most to forget entirely about what was being promoted (as with the BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION OVA, where the single came out a good year previous to the anime), but it’s an effective tactic on the whole. And since in cases like this it’s only something like a 2-week gap, that cancels out the unfortunate possibility of the single being off store shelves by the time the movie comes out. Unless it inexplicably sells out, of course – in which case it’s a huge success and the lack of availability is a measure of prestige.

    And you have a point with the ‘honour’ thing, but by the same coin, it’s Takase’s own damn fault that he makes shit like ‘scene’ – any honour lost is due entirely to his own lack of personal effort.

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