Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/15/07

Chasse B-side produced by Maiko Iuchi, Higurashi live-action themes to be sung by Eiko

OK, first things first: ‘Change of heart’, B-side to Kaori Utatsuki’s frighteningly catchy Hayate no Gotoku ending theme ‘Chasse’, has some actual credits now: namely, production and arrangement credits. Both of which are to be handled by Maiko Iuchi, with lyrical duty as yet unannounced but likely going to KOTOKO as with pretty much every other Kaori Utatsuki song.

More interestingly, however, is the news that Eiko Shimamiya will be singing opening and ending themes for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に), the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of anime/videogame series When They Cry -Higurashi (known in Japan, of course, as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni). The opening theme is called “WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Rin)” (運命の輪), with the end theme called “Diorama” (ディオラマ). The movie’s scheduled to come out sometime in 2008, making it the second I’ve-associated J-horror film for next year. As for whether or not the movie itself will be any good, well… It’s a live-action remake of an anime which was in turn adapted from a series of mystery games. While worse concepts have ended up succeeding, let’s just say I’m not exactly expecting Kurosawa here.



  1. wow at least Eiko will have another single… eben though am not a big fan of Eiko, I still like her and she deserves to be promoted… xD she’s not getting any promotions lately (no singles much nor mini-albums/full-albums and even PVs). And I must say, she’s very attached to the Higurashi series.

    about Change of heart, I’m having a hunch KOTOKO will be the one in the lyrics. Kaorin is not a pledged songwriter yet, I think. Chasse is its proof.

  2. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Rin)” (運命の輪) ?
    Sounds weird, because I thought it would be Wheel of Destiny..

    No offense.

  3. Why would I be offended? The title “WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪)” isn’t a translation, it’s the official title.

  4. wow, a Higurashi live action! geez, I wonder how gory they’re going to make it. still gotta go watch the anime…

    Is Chasse good? (better than shining stars bless#?)
    I don’t watch Hayate no Gotoku, so I haven’t heard it yet.

    I haven’t snagged my copy yet, although I plan to. I haven’t been keeping up with I’ve’s releases as avidly, but I absolutely loved JOINT/triangle (I’m a Mami fan and a Shana fan – go figure).

    great blog, btw. I linked you on mine. :P

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