Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/16/07

Mami Kawada live show announced, Genzai no Reqiuem maxi-single coming a year late

Well, good news for anyone in Taiwan – do I even have readers from there? I’ve’s official website recently updated with a teaser image revealing little except for the fact that Mami Kawada is to play a show in Taiwan sometime this upcoming January.

Similarly bereft of information is the announcement of the “PRISM ARK LoveLoveMAXIMUM INTERLUDE” single, coming out on December 29th. We know that the single is credited to “I’ve Sound” and that the A-side is going to be KOTOKO’s Genzai no Reqiuem (原罪のレクイエム), theme song for PajamasSoft’s 2006 eroge PRISM ARK. But, seeing as the single is titled after PRISM ARK’s sequel (coming out January 25th) and neither the sequel’s opening nor its ending has anything to do with I’ve, it remains to be seen what exactly will occupy the rest of the single.



  1. Taiwan again? come to my countryyy~~~ *sob* well, i guess that makes Kawada the third I’ve singer to perform overseas.

    I’ve is doing a “hot and cool” (or so the site claims) insert song for Prism Ark Love2 Max, and as with the game’s other songs, i expect it to be new. i don’t see why they’d release genzai no requiem again, hasn’t it been recorded several times already? i think they mentioned the song more in the sense of “from the folks who brought you genzai no requiem”. the site also says that the single is planned to come with some new bgms (that may or may not be by I’ve).

  2. Well, as I’ve made it clear in the past I can’t really read Japanese… at all… so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it turns out the single actually doesn’t have Genzai no Requiem on it after all. Would rather that be the explanation, actually… I mean, Genzai no Reqiuem isn’t bad, but you can only release a song so many times.

  3. Taiwan….
    Will *I’ve* ever come to Singapore??
    Anyway, I hope she’s making big improvement in her next performance.. No offense.

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