Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/20/07

Chasse single officially out tomorrow, previews available on Neowing

Unfortunately, as much as I hate to take these frequent leaves from my blogging duty, my review of Chasse won’t be until sometime next week. Certain circumstances have led me once again to decide that it’d be better to put off blogging for a bit and focus on other things in life (temporarily, at least), and also due to unforeseen factors my plan for a big, special Chasse review had to be delayed as well. However, to tide yourselves over until my return, fair readers, I encourage you to check out the samples of the single’s A and B-sides over at Neowing – while I’m sure you all have Chasse figured out one way or another by now, you may find Change of heart strangely satisfying. Perhaps more so if you consider its producer was also responsible in full for the dreadful Virgin’s high!.

Anyways, I figure by now I don’t need to throw the usual list of links out there, so this time around I’ll just say a temporary goodbye and that I’ll probably be back within a week.



  1. I actually prefer Change of Heart over Chasse, but that doesn’t mean much. Not my type at all.

    Take care man. Looking forward to your review, maybe it will change my opinion.

  2. Take care, looks like my copy of Chasse is already on the mail. Takes it’s time to arrive though :(

  3. I find both songs similar to Senecio :P

  4. hey there, it’s okay. ^_^ haha you know me, I’m always reading your review. :) haha! so I’ll be looking forward to it next week too!

    I actually prefer Chasse over Change of heart but at least the latter is somewhat more likeable than the Virgin’s high and Shining stars bless. The song’s so kawaii, I can’t stop listening to it… O_O for me, Kazuya Takase did a good job here.

    Both songs lyrics up :D

  6. Got my copy of Chasse just today on the snailmail. I don’t know about the others but i like more from the second track which is Change of heart than Chasse.

    PS: Video is good though :-)

  7. Kashichan: Yay! You came through! I knew I wasn’t just keeping you on my blogroll for your Double Harmonize lyrics.

    Everyone else: Review’s coming soon, I promise!

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