Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/25/07

Off-hiatus, but Chasse review still not until this next week

Alright, I do believe I read a few comments saying I should get to writing my Chasse review, but unfortunately there’s a certain Secret Ingredient missing from the reviewing concoction, and without that secret ingredient there can be no review. But don’t worry, my connections over at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have been working double-time to get me the remainder of my potion, so with any luck you’ll have your Chasse review and I’ll have my world domination before next Sunday.

Also, I’ve updated my blogroll – if you’ve linked me but nevertheless aren’t on the list, just drop me a comment and I’ll make sure to rectify that situation.



  1. *roger roger*

    also, suggestion to dude/dudette running “C’est La rêve qui chante” blog, change your “la” to “le”

  2. yo thanks for linking me up! :)

    hey, if you haven’t listen to Mami’s “for our days” and “return to that place” (both from AsuSeka), feel free to go here:

    I just uploaded them.

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