Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/26/07

WHEEL OF FORTUNE commercial, Eiko acoustic night announced

A new (animated, for no apparent reason) commercial for the Higurashi live-action movie is out on, and it features the new movie’s theme song “WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Rin)”, albeit in a very much abbreviated form and mostly drowned out by Rena’s screaming.

In addition, three nine has a listing for three acoustic shows for Eiko Shimamiya: first at Plastic Factory in Nagoya on December 15, then Flamingo the Arusha (no, I have no idea what the hell that name means either) in Osaka on the 16th and finally the Tokyo Bunka Housou Media Place Hall on the 17th.



  1. wow WHEEL OF FORTUNE surely sounds like her usual Higurashi songs… I’m presuming Tomoyuki Nakazawa composed this thing. I’m looking forward to hear a longer preview in the next few weeks. :)

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