Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/28/07

Real Onigokko movie trailer up, has a bit longer preview of the theme song this time

The more I hear of it, Real Onigokko the song just keeps on getting better. And then, umm, there’s a movie. I’m only linking it because the trailer includes a somewhat extended preview of the title theme that includes a bit of KOTOKO’s actually somewhat Eiko-esque verse section (Kazuya Takase has apparently been learning from Tomoyuki Nakazawa, this new theme owes a lot to Nakazawa’s Higurashi themes) and any little bit of this song that gets revealed is newsworthy. However, the movie itself looks even worse than the garbage I’d theorized it would be earlier: instead of a movie in the Battle Royale vein as I had predicted, this one for all intents and purposes looks like a Godzilla film with many men in black rubber suits taking the place of one man in a green rubber suit.



  1. But at least we finally figured out where the single’s cover pic came from.

  2. I thought we already knew that one though: the single’s cover pic came straight from a bargain-basement 1980s sci-fi ‘thriller’. Those black rubber costumes didn’t, though – those were from Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Gigan vs. Gamera vs. Rodan vs. King Kong: All Monsters Attack 2, vintage 1965.

  3. hah! looks like my kind of movie. thanks and keep us posted.

  4. Japanese film producers really have no budget, they can never do an explosion that looks relatively believable. Not my type of movie, I found the trailer rather creepy already.

    Real Onigokko sounds good though.

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