Posted by: 愛撫 | 11/30/07

I’ve exclusives for Comiket 73 announced, and a new PS2 game to feature KOTOKO song

Visual Art’s, the company responsible for publishing all of the I’ve Girls Compilation albums and Comiket exclusives in the past, recently announced that for Comiket 73 this December 29th they will be releasing “I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol. 1”, the beginning of a new proposed compilation series that may or may not all be live recordings (the cover shows a ticket stub, but all the description mentions is that these tracks are ‘rare’), as well as a DVD of the SHORT CIRCUIT II Premium Show IN TOKYO I had mentioned so many posts ago.

Also, the upcoming PS2 game Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ~Oshie Nitsuki~ (君が主で執事が俺で ~お仕え日記~) from first-time game developers Minato Station (みなとすてーしょん) is to feature a new song from KOTOKO as its opening theme. Credits aside from vocalist currently unknown, but the song’s called “Joushiki! Battler Koushinkyoku” (常識!バトラー行進曲) and it would appear that its first official release will be as part of a gigantic preorder package for the game that includes not only the opening theme’s maxi-single, but a drama CD and presumably a background music disc as well. I’m admittedly none too experienced in the ways of how exactly these types of things work out, but information on the game’s website leads me to believe that you can only get the pre-order set if you order the game by December 6th. The super special edition of the game costs a whopping 9,240 yen, however, so even if it was an option for most of us I somehow doubt anyone reading this would be too inclined to take the plunge and buy this sucker. Finally, while the pre-order thingy is going on sometime in December, the game itself comes out in Japan on March 27, 2008.

(Note: I use the ‘eroge’ tag even for games which technically have no ‘ero’ content – there just aren’t enough of the ‘clean’ games out there to warrant use of a separate category, and I’d rather stick with the eroge category than change it to the generic ‘game’ or something gag-inducing like, say, ‘love sim’.)



  1. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who’s big into I’ve songs but can’t stand the idea of playing eroge games. Also I asked a couple of Japanese friends if they had ever heard of KOTOKO and I’ve and they all said no. I think both could do a lot better if they eventually stopped associating with the niche eroge market altogether.

  2. Ermm… I never said I can’t stand the idea of playing eroge. I’ve played many in my time and enjoyed a good number of those – I was just saying that paying some $90+ for a computer game isn’t exactly the most appealing of prospects, 3-CD preorder package or not.

  3. haha ok. “gag-inducing” is what set me off track.

  4. But associating with the eroge market is what gives them their popularity with otakus in the first place. Its definitely much harder to compete with generic J-pop artists to appeal to the general audience, considering many artists are well established already.

  5. “Gag-inducing” was referring to my opinion of the term “love sim”, not commentary on eroge of any sort.

    Furthermore, just as Sol says, I’ve is squarely placed in the ‘music for otaku’ category – were they to stop working with eroge, they’d just be losing money and not really gaining anything since their target audience either doesn’t mind or actually likes the fact that a lot of their songs are used in pornographic computer games. Were they to go away from eroge but stick with anime songs, then the stigma of being associated with the otaku subculture would still be present in addition to the newfound challenge of competing against thousands of artists in the ridiculously oversaturated J-pop market. Besides, historically the vast majority of I’ve’s greatest songs have been from eroge (and up until Shichitenhakki, all of their denpa came only from eroge themes), with it being their anime singles that play it safe for the most part. Were I’ve to focus only on anime-related single releases or even expand into releasing original songs as singles, odds are slim to none that we’d be seeing the level of quality we’ve come to expect from I’ve, and astronomical that they’d turn to inoffensive pap in the vein of Kirei na Senritsu to pay the bills.

    In short: long live eroge.

  6. ^ haha yeah even if I’m not playing these games, I’d say the same thing! “long live eroge” Why? It’s because it’s already the I’ve Sound’s market and that’s where they started before making it in the anime industry. Why cut or stop on the one that made you known by your fans, right?

    And here’s another point, I’ve noticed that I’ve Sound is not that that famous but at the same time, not too “indie” or so damn unknown because majority of their singles are most of the time “IN” in the top 30 Oricon charts. They get moderate sales, and they have many fans in the other side of the world.

    In short: Never underestimate I’ve Sound. nyarr! :D long live, I’ve Sound!

  7. Eroge is pretty expensive stuff, and there’s no way that the eroge market is ‘niche’.

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