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Dude, where’s my Chasse review?

OK, a quick explanation of the situation with the eternally non-present Chasse review: You see, it’s not quite a normal review. My Special Guest Writer (won’t find out who until it’s posted!) and I wrote the review last week, but due to technical difficulties I have been unable to access the text file and the Guest Writer, who had assumed editing duties due primarily to said technical difficulties with the document, has due to unforeseen circumstances been unable to work on the review up to this point. So it is still coming, I just can’t really say when. My apologies, everyone.



  1. 2000 hours in MSPaint

    aibu: so… I’m ready if you are
    hikaruhoshi: ok
    hikaruhoshi: this thing on?
    aibu: yes it is
    aibu: and I believe you’re up first
    hikaruhoshi: ok
    hikaruhoshi: well
    hikaruhoshi: I’m hikaruhoshi, long time I’ve fan, and main contributor to the livejournal community “ive_sound”
    hikaruhoshi: I’ve been a fan since Shooting Star came out back in early 2002, hence the handle
    hikaruhoshi: I am currently a college student at the university of Wisconsin-Madison
    aibu: (note for less in-the-know readers: ‘Hikaru hoshi’ means ‘shooting star’)
    hikaruhoshi: more or less, it actually means “shining star” but in the final refrain, the line goes “kimi wa ano hikaru hoshi, shooting star”
    hikaruhoshi: whatever
    aibu: (note for less in-the-know readers: I don’t know Japanese)
    hikaruhoshi: lol
    hikaruhoshi: I’ve taken 4 semesters, but that doesn’t mean I know much
    aibu: yeah, I hear
    hikaruhoshi: I do know my way around a dictionary program
    aibu: friend of mine went to Japanese school for years
    aibu: still can’t carry a conversation
    aibu: but that’s really neither here nor there
    hikaruhoshi: most Japanese take several years of English
    hikaruhoshi: and what comes out is Red Fraction
    aibu: they have big guns
    aibu: they took them from their lords
    hikaruhoshi: but did they really take them?
    hikaruhoshi: or is that just bad translation?
    aibu: get down on your knees, get a good head on your… Christ, that song doesn’t even work for bad insults
    hikaruhoshi: shit out of luck, amirite?
    aibu: always no patience
    aibu: but anyhow, I’m DMC, aka ‘Aibu’, sole contributor to Aibu -I’ve Sound Blog- over at WordPress
    aibu: unlike Hikaruhoshi I’ve never taken Japanese, and also unlike Hikaruhoshi I didn’t get into I’ve until Re-sublimity in 2005
    hikaruhoshi: no less of a fan, though I might add
    aibu: thank you, I’d like to think so
    aibu: anyways, we thought this whole ‘Chasse SWAT’ thing would be a cool and unique approach to reviewing, also it saves effort that otherwise might be put into writing in the usual manner
    aibu: so if you like it, thanks…
    hikaruhoshi: might do it again
    aibu: really?
    hikaruhoshi: well, if it works
    hikaruhoshi: for those of you who don’t know SWAT
    hikaruhoshi: it’s the last bastion of humor from SomethingAwful
    hikaruhoshi: except instead of insulting people’s clothes, we critique Kaori
    aibu: hey now, their movie reviews are still pretty good
    hikaruhoshi: okok
    hikaruhoshi: but I mean, every one for a while has been horror
    aibu: this is true
    aibu: they can’t all be From Justin to Kelly
    hikaruhoshi: and Rom Pit gracefully ended
    hikaruhoshi: no
    hikaruhoshi: no they can;t
    hikaruhoshi: though they could
    aibu: we’re getting off-topic here
    hikaruhoshi: well off topic
    aibu: anything else to say before we begin the review proper?
    hikaruhoshi: anything else?
    hikaruhoshi: I don’t think so
    aibu: indeed
    hikaruhoshi: we’ve listened to this a few times ourselves
    hikaruhoshi: we wanted to do this on the first listen, but considering it was released over American Thanksgiving, I was out of town for several days
    hikaruhoshi: which is why this review is so late to begin with
    [ED: That, and hikaruhoshi is a procrastinator]
    hikaruhoshi: obvobvobvobv
    hikaruhoshi: so… I’m ready now
    aibu: Thunderbird countdown yet?
    aibu: alright
    aibu: 3…
    aibu: 2…
    aibu: 1…
    aibu: Thunderbirds are go!
    hikaruhoshi: LUNLUNLUN
    hikaruhoshi: LA LA LUNLUNLUN
    aibu: LUNLUNLUN
    aibu: this song…
    aibu: it’s like a carnival
    aibu: a really scary, happy carnival
    hikaruhoshi: complete with marching band
    hikaruhoshi: and by marching band, we mean a tuba
    aibu: a possibly demonic marching band
    hikaruhoshi: a bit of sparkling things
    hikaruhoshi: oh yes
    aibu: see: tuba
    aibu: brass instruments are the devil’s own
    hikaruhoshi: an electronic mishmash of fake instruments
    aibu: you know, the sparkling effects got me thinking
    hikaruhoshi: what better to end an episode so that you’ll never forget what you were watching
    hikaruhoshi: LUNLUNLUN
    aibu: how the hell did we get to a point where we can recognize a SOUND as ‘sparkly’?
    hikaruhoshi: hmm
    aibu: snaps come in
    hikaruhoshi: I guess if it’s just bright
    aibu: for some reason
    aibu: I never will know why
    hikaruhoshi: and then they go out
    hikaruhoshi: and back in
    hikaruhoshi: it’s more like claps, though
    aibu: oh god
    aibu: these synths
    aibu: where did they come from?
    aibu: why did they leave there?
    hikaruhoshi: something just seems so looooow budget sci-fi
    hikaruhoshi: like MST3K
    hikaruhoshi: Tron, except earlier
    aibu: except…
    aibu: well, it can’t truthfully be sci-fi
    aibu: because it’s Chasse
    hikaruhoshi: Star Trek, except, worse
    hikaruhoshi: of course
    hikaruhoshi: but there’s just something so space-agish about the synths.
    aibu: I don’t deny that… It’s got that kind of retro-futuristic feel that a lot about the ’70s had
    aibu: possibly the only way in which the song evokes the era
    hikaruhoshi: this sounds like it was modified off of some 60’s soap opera organ
    hikaruhoshi: AHA
    hikaruhoshi: I got it
    hikaruhoshi: Dr. Who
    aibu: hmm
    aibu: Dr. Who sounds possible
    hikaruhoshi: it’s future
    hikaruhoshi: it’s mod as fuck
    hikaruhoshi: and the intro is really bad sci-fi synths
    aibu: I can kind of imagine this song playing while the doctor smiles at his beautiful assistant
    hikaruhoshi: always beautiful, isn’t it?
    aibu: and then prepares to travel through time or space or whatever the fuck it is that Dr. Who does
    aibu: spiraling away to to a chorus of LUNLUNLUN
    hikaruhoshi: LA LA LUNLUNLUN
    hikaruhoshi: anyway
    hikaruhoshi: back to LUNLUNLUN itself
    hikaruhoshi: bridge aside
    aibu: indeed
    aibu: although this intro is pretty bitchin’
    hikaruhoshi: though a bit short, was the first one I found
    aibu: the problem with Chasse is that all the additions made to the song for the full version seem wholly extraneous
    hikaruhoshi: again, bridge aside
    aibu: then…
    hikaruhoshi: there isn’t really all that much, actually
    hikaruhoshi: it’s only 3:46 long
    aibu: well, it’s a good song. Like how Shining stars was a good song
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    hikaruhoshi: very happy
    hikaruhoshi: ok
    hikaruhoshi: the claps are extraneous
    aibu: but in this case, ‘good’ seems like damning it with faint praise when compared with other I’ve successes like Naraku no Hana or Shichitenhakki Shijoushugi
    aibu: and the claps may be extraneous, but they’re still less terrible than the claps on FLOW
    hikaruhoshi: at least
    hikaruhoshi: and they aren’t in the whole song, either
    hikaruhoshi: they know when they’re not wanted
    aibu: they just peek in to see if it’s ok
    aibu: but they’re too shy to stick around for too long
    hikaruhoshi: they are pretty half-hearted
    aibu: truth be told, sampled clapping almost always is
    hikaruhoshi: true
    hikaruhoshi: there’s gotta be other I’ve songs with clapping
    hikaruhoshi: something really happy that KOTOKO has done
    hikaruhoshi: ah
    aibu: I can’t recall any, to tell the truth
    hikaruhoshi: mixed up version of Namida no Chikai
    aibu: not even amongst KOTOKO’s denpa work
    aibu: oh fine, name an album I don’t have why don’t you
    hikaruhoshi: wow, those were even more half-hearted
    hikaruhoshi: at least it had a tambourine
    aibu: Chasse could’ve used a tambourine
    aibu: all those bloody songs from the ’60s and ’70s had tambourine
    hikaruhoshi: indeed
    aibu: they’ve sure got the Wall of Sound down pat
    hikaruhoshi: well, at least they’re trying to fill the canvas, so to speak?
    aibu: as I said earlier, Chasse sounds like a carnival
    hikaruhoshi: and it is busy
    aibu: and that wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t use so many layers
    hikaruhoshi: listening to the instrumental
    aibu: I mean, strip Chasse down to the piano
    hikaruhoshi: I count four, maybe five
    aibu: it’s an entirely different song, now isn’t it?
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    aibu: the song’s probably got well over 32 tracks in there when all’s accounted for
    hikaruhoshi: would it have been better for the high synths to be more like a calliope?
    aibu: well, yes and no
    aibu: because it’d help it seem more like a carnival
    aibu: but that would also up the busy factor of the song, and might push it into the realm of creepy rather than cute
    hikaruhoshi: and the synths in the bridge aren’t somewhat unsettling?
    aibu: well, that was my next point
    hikaruhoshi: and there they are again
    aibu: the song’s teetering on the edge as-is
    hikaruhoshi: and the PV doesn’t help
    aibu: oh god, you know…
    aibu: I’ve tried to be nice about it
    hikaruhoshi: uh oh
    hikaruhoshi: here he goes
    aibu: but Kaori just is not an attractive woman
    hikaruhoshi: I should have warned you about it
    hikaruhoshi: *whew*
    hikaruhoshi: yeah, she is not idol material
    hikaruhoshi: wasn’t hired to be in front of a camera
    hikaruhoshi: then again, none of them were
    aibu: which is a good thing for their music
    aibu: but a bad thing for their videos
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    aibu: KOTOKO’s been looking especially good though
    hikaruhoshi: I mean, MELL works
    hikaruhoshi: wait, take that back
    hikaruhoshi: her outfit in the kicks! video
    hikaruhoshi: allll the way up the leg
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    aibu: hey man, that was hot :p
    hikaruhoshi: no
    hikaruhoshi: except that in half of those scenes she looked dead
    hikaruhoshi: or rather, undead
    aibu: well, she’s messed up
    aibu: we all knew that
    hikaruhoshi: be nice
    aibu: no, I mean messed-up as in she’s just kind of out-there, you know?
    hikaruhoshi: ah
    aibu: I mean, Red fraction
    hikaruhoshi: messed up
    hikaruhoshi: not like messed up
    hikaruhoshi: right
    aibu: songs like that just aren’t made by normal people
    hikaruhoshi: that was messed up
    hikaruhoshi: Kaori doesn’t do it
    hikaruhoshi: I mean, she can’t show her style in the PVs
    hikaruhoshi: not like the others
    aibu: Mami probably will be doing it in another year
    aibu: Kaori’s style at this point is kind of the safe, boring one
    aibu: which is sad
    hikaruhoshi: yeah, but Kaori’s style is cute
    aibu: because her solo tracks on SHORT CIRCUIT II showed nothing but promise
    hikaruhoshi: though not yet dempa
    aibu: Naisho*Naisho in particular I would like to note was brilliant
    hikaruhoshi: but is that marketable for an anime (that kind of music? I say, Why Not?)
    hikaruhoshi: Nanatsuiro should have had a dempa opening
    aibu: well, logic says it very much should be marketable
    aibu: remember Motteke! Sailor Fuku?
    hikaruhoshi: I do
    hikaruhoshi: oh yes
    hikaruhoshi: I do
    aibu: that was more hardcore denpa than most of I’ve’s stuff, and yet it was a huge hit
    aibu: so why not Kaori’s denpa-lite?
    aibu: why, Geneon?
    hikaruhoshi: because she needs to be cute
    hikaruhoshi: like a doll
    hikaruhoshi: not hyper
    hikaruhoshi: like…
    hikaruhoshi: pikachu?
    aibu: Naisho wasn’t hyper though
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    aibu: it was a sort of unique balance that only Kaori has
    aibu: that same balance her Geneon singles ignore
    aibu: in favour of sounding like Kirei na Senritsu for the most part
    hikaruhoshi: ugh
    hikaruhoshi: uninteresting, yeah
    hikaruhoshi: Naisho is not uninteresting
    hikaruhoshi: neither is Change of Heart
    aibu: yeah, Change of heart was a surprise
    hikaruhoshi: I wrote that I figured that after hearing the first thirty seconds, I had heard it all
    aibu: I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is, especially considering Iuchi’s past fuckups
    aibu: and I recall being right there with you in thinking it wouldn’t have much more
    hikaruhoshi: and up to about 1:10 or so, it kinda was
    hikaruhoshi: but then….
    hikaruhoshi: Change
    hikaruhoshi: of Heaaart
    hikaruhoshi: ok, somewhat poppy, but it’s such a good hook
    aibu: (note for the less in-the-know readers: Maiko Iuchi did Virgin’s high! and a bunch of other songs that neither of us like)
    aibu: poppy isn’t necessarily a bad thing
    hikaruhoshi: right
    aibu: there’s a certain brand of joy that comes from embracing listenability
    hikaruhoshi: but it can easily be generic
    aibu: it’s the same reason I love Madonna
    hikaruhoshi: love the instruments in that verse
    hikaruhoshi: kinda like xylophones
    aibu: the verses make sure Change of heart doesn’t become too generic
    aibu: the synth strings 2:57 in, however, are a sure sign that Maiko’s trying her hardest to turn the song boring
    aibu: as much as I love the song, Iuchi doesn’t know what to do with a 5-minute-plus runtime
    hikaruhoshi: yeah, not too much of a bridge
    hikaruhoshi: except for the full stop
    aibu: the song would be well-served by an abbreviated version
    aibu: chop maybe a minute off
    aibu: I love the Engrish vocals
    aibu: despite the unimpressive bridge, it’s worth it all just for those
    hikaruhoshi: yeah, about everything after 4:30
    hikaruhoshi: yes
    hikaruhoshi: but it’s uplifting
    hikaruhoshi: maybe I’m just a sucker for chords
    aibu: change your heart and live for a dream, right?
    hikaruhoshi: suppose so
    aibu: much better than “MY NAME IS PAIN”
    hikaruhoshi: but the chords aren’t your generic major chords
    aibu: or, uhh, “stay with me help”
    hikaruhoshi: yeah
    hikaruhoshi: I get the idea
    aibu: Change of heart is one of those rare B-sides that totally outshines the single
    aibu: I mean, I can barely even remember Chasse by the time Change of heart’s first chorus comes along
    hikaruhoshi: that says something
    hikaruhoshi: yeah, for such a catchy title track, you just want to listen to this one
    aibu: LUNLUNLUN may be an alien parasite dead-set on sucking away all your thoughts, but Change of heart is the perfect antidote
    hikaruhoshi: didn’t just suck my thoughts
    hikaruhoshi: it borked by CD-drive and your portable hard drive
    hikaruhoshi: *my
    aibu: indeed it did
    aibu: (note for the less in-the-know readers: we experienced massive technical difficulties prior to writing this review)
    hikaruhoshi: yes
    aibu: those were painful
    hikaruhoshi: I found the antidote though
    hikaruhoshi: The Best of Kansas CD
    aibu: Carry On My Wayward Son
    hikaruhoshi: it was a tough fight, but the power of Kansas prevailed
    aibu: is that really how we’re ending this review? Kansas?
    [ED: yes]

  2. Anyway, edit it some more if you want. Part of why I didn’t feel like editing it in the first place because I thought it sucked, but I think it turned out better than I had first imagined it. I think if I get off my ass a bit more quickly, we should be able to do this for Real onigokko.

  3. You guys rock. Do the same again.

  4. Cool. :D I like the way the two of you made the review. It’s kinda rare and unusual but we still got the point. Keep it up!

  5. Hikaruhoshi: I’m fully planning on doing a regular review for Real Onigokko, but if you want a joint one for I’ve Sound LJ that’d be fine by me.

    Everyone else: glad you liked the transcript! I’m probably going to clean it up a bit and repost it sometime towards the end of this week with its own page so it’ll be clearly marked as the blog’s ‘official’ review for the single.

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