Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/03/07

I’ve Sound Calendar: December 2007

Ahh, the end of the year… That glorious time when most of us are able to take a short break from everything and remember that we have friends and family. Or, if togetherness for the holidays isn’t your thing, it’s an awesome time of year for new I’ve releases. Also brief live tours for both KOTOKO and Eiko, but I’m not quite stupid enough to believe that anyone reading this is going to be able to partake of that particular holiday treat.

December 15-17:

Eiko Shimamiya ACOUSTIC NITE 2007 ~Three Christmas Days~

Ever wanted to see Eiko live? Live acoustic, perhaps? Well, you’re not going to because this is only in Japan and tickets to events such as these sell out pretty damn near instantaneously, but wouldn’t it be awesome if that weren’t the case?

December 19:

Real Onigokko single release

Seeing as at the moment this blog is a lot less I’ve Sound Blog and a lot more Real Onigokko Blog, I really don’t think anything else needs to be said about Onigokko here. Movie probably sucks, single’s going to rock, Kazuya Takase redeems himself, hooray. Buy this single.

December 20:

Dragon Age Pure volume 8 comes out, maybe it’ll actually have a CD this time

Well well well, Dragon Age Pure. Way back in volume 5 of the manga anthology magazine, ‘La clef’ (image song for the manga Ikoku Meiro no Kurowāze) was supposed to come out, and, well, it didn’t. Rumour has it that the CD with the song is truly honestly really coming out for real swear to god with volume 8, but time will tell how true this turns out to actually be.

December 21-24:


Now wouldn’t that be nice? Catching KOTOKO on tour, hearing the best of her songs as they were meant to be heard… Not going to happen unless you live in Japan, are willing to go without food for weeks to pay for your ticket, oh and you’re also a member of her official fan club. If I sound bitter, it’s pretty much because I am.

December 29-31:

Comic Market 73 convention, new I’ve stuff coming out

Wrote about these only two posts ago, so it wouldn’t seem much of a primer is needed – but here goes anyway. 73rd Comic Market (or ‘Comiket’) convention in Tokyo, massive doujinshi exhibition, I’ve and Visual Art’s have a long history of releasing exclusives for the event and C73 will be no exception. This year there’s a compilation CD (I’ve Mania Tracks vol. 1) and live DVD (SHORT CIRCUIT II Premium Show) lined up, and will probably show up on Ebay shortly thereafter for at least 3 times what the person paid for them. Not that bitterness and cynicism clouds my perceptions of things, oh ho not at all.


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