Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/03/07

Real Onigokko single has a website

Aww shit… Look who’s got a website. That’s right! As part of Geneon’s marketing push behind Real Onigokko, they’ve created a ‘Special Site’ for the movie’s accompanying single. At the moment there isn’t really anything too interesting on the site (a lightweight profile of KOTOKO, information about the website and the currently under-construction ‘Chaku Uta’ page is really all there is to it), but chances are if the full version of the song is going to be posted anywhere prior to the single’s official release it’s going to be on the single’s mini-site.



  1. hey there, I saw the site and I was amazed because it was a full-flash webby! :D great!

    question: is the video there the real preview for the PV for Real Onigokko? wow they sure made it like it was some horror scene (but not really creepy nor spine-tingling). I wonder who’s the man in black hood,.. Oh well who knows. xD

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