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Real Onigokko, WHEEL OF FORTUNE and La Clef previews all up

Getting sick of Real Onigokko (リアル鬼ごっこ) yet? I hope not, because the news related to it isn’t going to stop coming for quite a while – also, the song’s awesome so why wouldn’t you want to know every single time a new preview is posted? Anyways, KOTOKO’s Geneon site has a short clip of the video to go with its earlier audio preview and there’s also going to be a few meet & greet events at record stores to celebrate the release of the video from February 9th to the 11th. Why this is two months after the release of the single itself I do not know, but if it means more Real Onigokko that’s not necessarily tied to the movie, bring it on.

Also in the realm of I’ve-infused live-action horror cinema, has a short version of Eiko Shimamiya’s “WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Rin)” (運命の輪) from the upcoming film Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に). It’s admittedly not sounding as impressive as Eiko’s previous Higurashi themes at this point, but the full version could very well offer up some surprises… After all, I wasn’t completely in love with Naraku no Hana from the first preview either.

Finally, Dragon Age volume 8 purchase-incentive song (that’s what it is!) La Clef ~Meikyuu no Kagi~ (La clef ~迷宮の鍵~) has a preview mp3 available here. I, for one, don’t particularly like the song, but Maiko Iuchi has her fans so I’m sure somebody out there will enjoy it.



  1. “Live shows? Q&A sessions? Promotional radio spots? ”
    Try Meet & Greet. And try February. Why she’s giving two month’s advance notice for an appearance at some music store and yet only a couple weeks for a concert tour I have no idea.

    I think la clef is the long-lost alternate c/w song to kireina senritsu

  2. is any of capsule’s earlier stuff good?

    Recently, I found their Sugarless GiRL (album) and after the initial skim/listen, I found it a bit too over-synthesized and it overwhelmed the vocalist completely. Sugarless GiRL (the song) was probably the only good song on it. Sound of Silence was good but the lyrics just repeat over and over again

    But I wonder if any of their previous albums like LDK or Fruits Clipper are good…

  3. yeah, sorry for the irrelevant post, but I didn’t know where to comment ^^;;

    yay, new KOTOKO single. I wish I’d hear from Utatsuki Kaori more often, though. speaking of KOTOKO, do you know which I’ve compilation is the song satirize on? I heard it used in an AMV, and I can’t find the song on my computer. It doesn’t seem to be in any of the I’ve Girls volumes 1-6…or maybe I didn’t romanize the Japanese titles yet in my file…

  4. Hikaruhoshi: Shit, February? I have got to start reading dates better, because I could’ve sworn that all the dates were scheduled for December. Well, at least nobody here would’ve been able to make it to any of her meet & greet sessions anyhow…

    Kazumi: capsule sucks, no two ways about it. The ‘over-synthesizing’, as you call it, is actually their only saving grace, as when their vocals are left (mostly) alone she just sounds like she’s talking throughout all the songs, barely even trying to sing. Yeah you’re not really losing anything if you still want to give their other albums a try, but you’d really just be getting a better experience overall if you gave Perfume ~Complete Best~ another listen and pretended you hadn’t heard all the songs a million times before.

    As for satirize, that one’s actually never been put on an album, I’ve Girls comp or otherwise. This may be mostly due to the fact that KOTOKO sounds much more like Ayumi Hamasaki than KOTOKO on the song, but more likely issues came up somewhere along the way and the song’s currently stuck in some sort of licensing hell with very little possibility of being released anytime soon. Sorry.

  5. ^ uhmm correct me if I’m wrong but I think “Satirize” is not Kotoko’s song… I think Miyasaki Asame sung it or maybe I didn’t know Kotoko has a version of Satirize? As far as I know, it’s not in any I’ve albums but as far as I know, it’s an OST for the game “Rasen Kairou”.

    well anyway, I didn’t like WHEEL OF FORTUNE on this preview… it’s so damn far away from what I expected… Oh well, maybe I just need to have the long version. Maybe my impression will change once I hear it.

  6. by the way, the preview of Real Onigokko PV on Kotoko’s geneon site and ones in the Real Onigokko special site are the same… but the one in the special site has a higher resolution though… well, just pointed out. Great preview, btw. :D

  7. Oh, fuck, you’re right… I was misreading the credits, satirize was only *written* by KOTOKO. Which explains the vocals.

  8. kotoko did sang the song Satirize using the name of the character Asame Miyasaki

  9. Are you so sure about that, AG? I checked out the webpage for Rasen Kairou 2 (the game which ‘satirize’ comes from) and there was no mention of a character by the name of Asame Miyasaki – furthermore, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but I’ve personally never read anything stating that KOTOKO and Miyasaki are one in the same.

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