Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/07/07

Tracklisting for both Comiket 73 releases posted

Our good friends at Visual Art’s posted the tracklistings for both I’ve MANIA Tracks vol. 1 as well as the SHORT CIRCUIT II Premium Show IN TOKYO DVD yesterday, and, well, hmm. The SHORT CIRCUIT II show’s setlist is pure gold (even if the rest wasn’t brilliant, there’s a bloody live version of Jet Smash!), but unfortunately I can’t quite say the rest about I’ve MANIA Tracks. The songs in general lean towards the unimpressive (while ‘rare’ is still an accurate descriptor, most of these songs aren’t worth the effort it takes to find them), and the only song that had never been released before in any format is the KOTOKO ‘prototype’ version of MOMO’s “Philosophy” (misspelled in the tracklisting as ‘phirosophy’). However, it is worth noting that track one, ‘Synthetic Organism’, contains the only time to my knowledge any I’ve girl has used the word ‘fuck’ on a recording.



  1. Possibly, although my girlfriend certainly raised quite the eyebrow when she saw mihi_fuck_me.mp3 on my computer…

  2. Ahh yes, but the audio clip which gives ‘FUCK ME’ its title is a sample from the movie The Exorcist, not actually any of the I’ve girls. Actually, even if it was Mihi saying it, it still wouldn’t count because she never really was an “I’ve girl” per se…

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