Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/11/07

Prism Ark maxi-single credits announced, contrary to what has been said earlier it has nothing to do with Genzai no Requiem

I’d previously misreported Pajamas Soft‘s “I’ve Sound Maxi-Single” for upcoming eroge PRISM ARK Love MAXIMUM! (both links oh so very not worksafe) as being a reissue of the previous Prism Ark game’s opening theme ‘Genzai no Requiem’, but in a strange turn of events that earlier report was approximately 100% pure, unadulterated bullshit.

Most significant factor in this is the fact that, while initially marketed as being an “I’ve Sound” single, the CD will in fact only include one I’ve contribution (2 of the other 3 songs on the single are written by their singers, with famous eroge BGM composer OdiakeS contributing to another). However, the single’s weirdly mispromoted new KOTOKO/C.G mix song “Ketsudan no entrance” (決断のentrance) is pretty much sure to be a winner regardless – C.G mix production and KOTOKO vocals make a combination that’s very rarely missed its mark.

The single itself will be joining I’ve MANIA Tracks vol. 1 and the SHORT CIRCUIT II DVD amongst the ranks of I’ve-related Comiket exclusives, so if you know somebody lucky enough to go make sure to give them plenty of bribe money and tell them to pick you up a copy because you aren’t going to be getting it any other way.


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