Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/14/07

Colourful Wish release date, high-quality Real Onigokko video preview, I’ve doing BGM for new game ‘Chichi Fechi’

Remember Colourful Wish? Well, when I last wrote about it all that was known was that it was a sequel of sorts to Giga Soft’s previous eroge Colourful Heart (itself based on popular non-ero dating sim Sister Princess) and the theme song would be sung by KOTOKO with C.G mix production. And now, well, we don’t really know anything else but we do know it’s coming out on February 29, 2008.

Can’t get enough of Real Onigokko? I damn hope so, because here’s some more of it. Granted the preview isn’t really anything we hadn’t seen before, but the preview’s a higher resolution than any of the others shown thus far so it’s worth a mention.

Finally, I’ve is doing the background music for new brand Milk Pai (みるくぱい)’s debut game Chichi Fechi (乳フェチ). Link very much not worksafe, and that’s about all I’ll be saying about that one.



  1. Milk Pai sounds an awful lot like the “Pure Milk” series that started around this time last year with BGM produced by I’ve. I wish it hadn’t dropped off the face of the earth, those designs were a lot better than this.

  2. I’m not sure if the two franchises are exactly comparable – it seems to me the Pure Milk games are more ‘normal’ eroge with characters that tend towards the well-endowed, but Milk Pai’s game seems to me like a very specific fetish title (large breasts being the fetish of choice), a notion further reinforced by the ‘pai’ (most likely short for the Japanese ‘paizuri’, also known in English as ‘tit-fuck’) in their name.

    I might be wrong as admittedly I’ve never played any of the Pure Milk games (and it’d be impossible for me to have played Chichi Fechi unless I were on the development team at this point), but that’s the impression I’m getting from the information I’ve been given.

    I do agree with you about the character designs though – while neither game’s character art is anything to write home about, Pure Milk’s females at least had *something* in addition to their large, lovingly-rendered bosoms. Chichi Fechi, well, I kinda like the hairstyle on the girl in the Vampirella one-piece. Thus ends my glowing praise for Milk Pai’s character designs.

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