Posted by: 愛撫 | 12/29/07

Pre-Comiket news and download roundup

Alright, I’m back from my self-imposed vacation and there’s no lack of news to catch up on before the big year-end event over in Japan, so here goes!

Colourful Wish OP short version available for download

“I need magic ~Kaikenai Magi☆Kyun♪~” (~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~), the denpatastic theme song for GIGA‘s eroge Colourful Wish ~12-ko no Magi★Kyun!~ (カラフルウィッシュ ~12コのマジ★キュン!~), was posted over at the game’s website recently. Just as promised, the song is a joyful explosion sure to keep company with C.G mix and KOTOKO’s best. Download it!

KimiAru demo movie up for download

Minato Station’s mouthful of a debut game Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ~Oshie Nitsuki~ (君が主で執事が俺で ~お仕え日記~) has a ‘demo movie’ available for download, allegedly featuring its KOTOKO-sung opening theme Joushiki! Battler Koushinkyoku (常識! バトラー行進曲). However, as is frequently the case with these bloody downloads, I can’t figure out a way to get the file (Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer all don’t respond when I try to click the ‘download’ links on the website) so if anyone could grab this and maybe dump it on YouSendIt or something that’d be great.

Ketsudan no entrance short version downloadable

PRISM ARK Love² MAXIMUM! (プリズム・アーク らぶらぶマキシマム) insert song Ketsudan no entrance (決断のentrance) is up for download! It’s not exactly as good as its predecessor Genzai no Requiem, but I get the feeling this is the kind of song that could really grow on you if you give it time. And just to remind everyone, the full version is going to be on the PRISM ARK maxi-single, so if you like it you know which CD has it – but, of course, when it comes to actually getting a copy… That’s another story entirely.

Some kind of rumour involving Outer and a new eroge

In a feature on their online radio show, eroge developer Terios apparently dropped a hint that their new game Niizuma wa Mahou Shoujo (新妻は魔法少女) would be showing at Comiket with a demo movie soundtracked by none other than Outer. For those who don’t remember them (or never heard of the group in the first place), Outer was a sort of grimy industrial/punk/something group headed by KOTOKO that released a few Comiket-only singles in the early ’00s and then apparently disappeared. But according to Terios’s report, they’ve recorded a new song called Happiness (ハッピネス) for the demo movie – a move that seems incredibly odd considering the generally dark nature of Outer’s recordings, but at the same time seems too completely random to just be made up. Either way, we’ll see how this turns out when Comiket gets underway.



  1. The KimiAru movie isn’t available for download yet. There is just a placeholder at this point.

  2. 僕は馬鹿外人です orz

  3. “I need magic” is win! :P hahaha! I like it better than “Ketsudan no entrance” although both are composed/arranged by C.G mix. ^_^

  4. I need magic is great. ^^

    Too bad the game doesn’t seem even half as awesome as the song.

  5. sorry again for meddling… x_x but I think

    “君が主で執事が俺で ~お仕え日記~” should be “Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ~Oshie Nikki~”

  6. Oh… You’re actually right about the romanization. Oops.

  7. […] February 29 Colourful Wish (カラフルウィッシュ), the third installment in Giga’s ‘Colourful’ eroge series is released. KOTOKO sings the theme “I need magic ~Kaikenai Magi☆Kyun♪~” (~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~) , which promises to be a joy for all those interested in denpa and very fast talking. Blog link […]

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