Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/02/08

I’ve Sound Calendar: January 2008

Seeing as there’s only one notable event on the horizon for January I was almost considering forgoing this update altogether, but in the interest of completion here goes.

January 25:

Prism Ark Love² MAXIMUM! release

PRISM ARK Love² MAXIMUM! (プリズム・アーク らぶらぶマキシマム) is out on January 25. That’s seriously the only I’ve release for this month. Really and honestly. Link not worksafe.



  1. Wow they only have one?! o_O seriously… but Ketsudan no entrance (full ver.) is already up… xD and it’s a good 6:07… My impression doesn’t change about it and I still like “I need magic” more rather than Ketsudan no entrance (but I’m not saying this song is bad).

  2. :o

    thats a long list…

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